AMORC Unmasked


If I had a really thick skin, I never would have written the first book. I knew what I was into.

But I didn’t care. Because I knew that if I did, I would never make my points in a public forum. After all, if you read AMORC UNMASKED carefully, you will see how powerful and whole the members really feel. Many believe they are ultimately at the very core of influencing world leaders and the direction of world piece. I am just a little fly in the ointment.

In looking at the criticisms in Amazon, it was quite interesting to see how many times the word, ‘trash,’ was used in these comments! Very creatively!


Some of my critics were derisive, calling my book “trash,” saying, “It only has one star because I couldn’t post a comment without putting it there” or laughing at my claim that AMORC involved Mind Control. Another said, “This is a load of trash by someone trying to make some money. Don’t waste yours.” One said, “What a waste of paper. How many trees have died to produce such trash? There is nothing true about this book. AMORC believes in free will, and unlike religion, you find your own truths. The concept of brain washing and mind control is totally absurd.”

If I had read a book like mine when I was in the grips of Rosicrucian Mind Control- I would have called it trash, too. I would have ripped it up into a thousand pieces and tried to get it out of mind.

I do not mind criticism. In fact, I expected it. And, of course, members and people with family members in AMORC may often be concerned about my book. I am not doing this for frivolous purposes or to attack a reputable organization to gain attention or make money. Much of what I do professionally is involved with financial institutions and analysis. There are easier ways to make money.

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