AMORC Unmasked

Turning Lead into Gold

AMORC is definitely interested in Alchemy, literally initiating its more public outreach with an alchemical demonstration in 1916. Later on, it would offer some classes in alchemy.

But as to using the philosopher’s stone for the purpose of prolonging life- this does not appear to be a major interest, although there seems to be some interest in the creation of medicinal elixirs.

AS to ascension, AMORC clearly says-

From a Rosicrucian point of view, Jesus did not die at the time of his crucifixion. Therefore, he could not have been raised from the dead three days after this ordeal. As we explained in the last monograph, his body was taken down from the cross while he was in a deep lethargic state, then handed over to Joseph of Arimathea, who cared for him with the help of several Essenes.

Just like everyone else, according to AMORC, Jesus, as exceptional as he was, died like everyone else. While he suffered on the cross, he-

-accomplished a momentary fusion between his soul and the collective soul of humanity. During this fusion, he integrated within his own consciousness the negative Karma of the world and neutralized it by means of the Christ influx which he had received during his initiation in Egypt. Such is the esoteric basis of redemption.

So Jesus did not ascend, but moved to Mt. Carmel, living with the Essenes until he died. So, in a sense, there was some kind of vague redemption activity- but Jesus did not actually come back from the dead. In a way, AMORC often reminds me of the DaVinci Code. They also had a list of Cosmic Masters or heads of the Order which one might question.

Important Note:

In regards to Christ fusing with the “collective soul of humanity” and neutralizing the negative Karma of Mankind, I believe this is a somewhat new, politically motivated doctrine. Prior to the period in which this monograph was published, AMORC always commented with sarcasm on the claim that Christ erased the sins of the world. But, in my opinion, the power of current Evangelical Christianity made them a bit more timid in their approach to this claim. In fact, in their own way, they have embraced the idea of redemption.

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