AMORC Unmasked

“This is Not Church of Moon Where Members Are Slaves”

I am again happy to comment on the criticisms of A. Bruno ‘Italiano,’ in U. K. Amazon. Supposedly based in London, “Bruno” laments my suggestion that somehow I was compelled to overwork, saying “This is not Church of Moon where members are slaves.”

I would like to remind Bruno that the whole point of Mind Control is to remove its subjects from the opportunity of having any choice by hypnotically conditioning them to a certain point of view- usually based on compliance with authority. In order to act freely, you must be able to think freely- and by the time I got to the United States, I firmly believed I was involved with the one true religious fraternity that had the power to elevate my consciousness to the presence of God and save the world from its potential demise from war, disease and economic collapse. I don’t think anyone who reads AMORC UNMASKED can put down the book and not grasp that something’s desperately wrong with a system that makes such extravagant claims about its own authority, yet treads so lightly when it teaches people to take over other people’s consciousness, has members practice healing techniques without any documentation of their efficacy, authenticity or viability and conforms so uniformly to hypnotic, rather than meditative protocol.

While I appreciate his attempt to understand my situation, it is not quite true that I thought that AMORC was somehow an ‘automatic ticket’ to prosperity ‘just because I was a member.’ No, I thought that if you faithfully followed the protocol for manifestation, based on the exercises- and did all the other things necessary to show your dedication to AMORC and the Cosmic Masters, things should work for you. In fact, despite the fact I was an immigrant- at one time with an insecure status- I did work my way into the American Dream- but not through the devices that AMORC offered. So I disagree with his statement that: “America showed him her real face, a society in which if you don’t have money you are just a zero and therefore it’s all AMORC’s fault if he could not find financial prosperity.”

Despite my disadvantages, America has done all right by me.

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