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The Web of Mind Control

Looking backward, I believe that it all starts in the beginning of the training. In terms of belief, all you really need is enough belief to start the exercises.

And what are the beginning exercises about?

They are about mind reading, psychometry and some kind of mind over matter- changing the color of a candle. In other words, they are about the development of personal power. In AMORC UNVEILED, I say:

Someone who is a Seeker is fundamentally trying to get in touch with the Divine Presence, a state of transpersonal Communion with the Source behind all things. There is a difference in the development of someone with this objective clearly in mind and those who seek to create power for themselves by virtue of developing psychic powers.

As one of my readers, L. Jarvi, said in an Amazon review-

AMORC, despite its claims, is not in the Rosicrucian tradition in any real sense, for true Rosicrucianism is a spiritual world conception. The goal of understanding the relationships within and between macrocosm and microcosm is much bigger than personal power.

Okay, maybe going after occult powers in not all that spiritual, but what has that got to do with Mind Control? I will explore that in my next blog.

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  • sketch, im a total skeptic but even if it is placebo, it works. I was in agony with my teeth and gums when i started this vid and NO pailiknlers work. Its worth a try i think.

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