AMORC Unmasked

The Methodology of AMORC

In The Prisoner of San Jose, I unveiled the methodology by which AMORC was able to create heightened states of hypnotic trance by a program that mainly relied on weekly lessons, delivered by mail to its members and weekly Lodge Convocation. In AMORC UNMASKED, I discussed more precisely how these hypnotic means were affected through a progressive platform of hypnotic suggestion. I published these sixteen steps in Prisoner.

Since many of my critics constantly comment, usually without any explanation, that AMORC is not a cult, I would like to review these 16 steps, somewhat modified and enhanced by my experience in writing my latest books, AMORC UNMASKED. In my next blog, I will present, Sixteen Steps to Mind Control Slavery. In Prisoner, I used this list to emphasize how AMORC could influence people. In the list I will present in my next blog, I will show how AMORC utilizes this program basically for Mind Control- like many other organizations.

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