AMORC Unmasked

The Frame of Mind is Key

Since many of my readers, especially those in AMORC, have wondered how their exercises could possibly be part of a Mind Control program, I am going to draw from some of my experiences in writing my new book, AMORC Unmasked- and kind of blend that new knowledge with my actual experience of doing these exercises.

Some people have said I was poor, unhappy, uneducated and came to the United States unprepared- and that was why I made such a mess of my life. I want to point out that when I applied for membership in AMORC I was a top engineering student. As I said in UNMASKED

…I enrolled and was accepted in the prestigious Faculte des Sciences, an engineering schools- in fact, Haiti’s equivalent to MIT. That year, there were only 179 students accepted out of 1500-2000 competing in very intense and difficult examinations.

What follows is a passage that tells it all:

That summer, filled with gratitude for God’s blessing, I started looking for a better and deeper understanding of spirituality. I stumbled on an advertisement of AMORC, a Rosicrucian Order that seemed to promise me an intimacy and platform for living according to God’s plan. It differed from anything I had come upon before and I entertained believing its claims about being a very special route to a true spiritual path.

I was not in a frame of mind of being desperate for manifestation. I joined for mainly spiritual reasons. Yes, having believed their promises, I ventured to America to increase my blessings since I believed in their manifestation protocol. This belief was my undoing.

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