AMORC Unmasked

The Chateau d’Omonville

The Headquarters of the French language division is in Normandy in the Chateau d’Omonville. This is where the Imperator, Christian Bernard, often stays, when not travelling to other parts of his Rosicrucian empire.

The site is shrouded in tradition. AMORC claims that a nearby forest was donated to the Knights Templars of Commandery of Saint Etienne de Renneville, which is located about one kilometer from the Chateau. It is easy to be hypnotized by traditions of this nature, to ease oneself into the luxury of being associated with such a traditional and ancient organization.

But although I revere the possibility of ancient truths and secret traditions, what I have taken from my association from AMORC over the years- is a sense that I have been bamboozled by a fabricated sense of continuity in an organization that was truly created in the early twentieth century by an advertising executive who helped cook up an organization called FUDOSI to lend historicity to his “authentic spiritual” fraternity.

In my opinion, Great Truths can only comfortably float on a Sea of Little Truths. And it is my belief, as explained in AMORC UNMASKED, that great Rosicrucian traditions do not float comfortably on an ocean of fabricated reality. I challenge any current Rosicrucian member to read my book carefully to see how and why I must question the history, alleged teachings and traditions of this alleged Rosicrucian Order.

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