AMORC Unmasked

The Beginning of Mind Control

I think Mind Control starts at the very beginning of AMORC’s monograph program.

Despite all the disclaimers about members’ having freedom, you are clearly told- in the beginning and with progressive elaboration and depth- that you are a member of the only real spiritual fraternity in the world, the only one with the authentic emblem of Rosicrucianism, the only one that has inherited the true mantle.

Members who take this lightly and don’t practice the exercises or read the monographs- who don’t hold themselves up to the flame- to the promise of AMORC- can slide by without any problem. AMORC lets them. After all, if they pay their dues- and fill out a few oaths now and then- nobody will bother them. And, in general, all AMORC wants- probably- are those consistent dues.

But for people who believe- like me- the exercises were the key to my spiritual growth. And what were they really about?

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