AMORC Unmasked


AMORC Initiation – Temple Degree 3 – Portal to Madness Part 1


There is probably nothing more external than a ritual. Although it may embody some kind of symbolic reality, although it may suggest awakening, the ritual itself is an ever-repeated set of movements, chanting, invocations, perhaps singing in an atmosphere dressed with special costumes, candles, incense, often veiled in deep mystery and a sense of sacred history.

In AMORC, if you were not near a Lodge, all you needed was your home sanctum, replete with candles, incense and a mirror and your sacred monograph. I remember drinking my glass of water, washing my hands and setting… Continue reading

Whistleblowers Need a Thick Skin

If I had a really thick skin, I never would have written the first book. I knew what I was into.

But I didn’t care. Because I knew that if I did, I would never make my points in a public forum. After all, if you read AMORC UNMASKED carefully, you will see how powerful and whole the members really feel. Many believe they are ultimately at the very core of influencing world leaders and the direction of world piece. I am just a little fly in the ointment.

In looking at the criticisms in Amazon, it was quite interesting… Continue reading