AMORC Unmasked


The Web of Mind Control

Looking backward, I believe that it all starts in the beginning of the training. In terms of belief, all you really need is enough belief to start the exercises.

And what are the beginning exercises about?

They are about mind reading, psychometry and some kind of mind over matter- changing the color of a candle. In other words, they are about the development of personal power. In AMORC UNVEILED, I say:

Someone who is a Seeker is fundamentally trying to get in touch with the Divine Presence, a state of transpersonal Communion with the Source behind all things. There is… Continue reading

When You Believe, You Believe in Everything

The foundations for Mind Control rest on belief. This belief is initially under the control of a person who is consciously joining an organization- unless the Mind Control is the result of capture or imprisonment. In a religious cult, there is no such scenario. Someone wanders into a building or is invited to a meeting. In my case, I read an ad.

Although I had some background in religion and philosophy, I was not a student of the esoteric sciences. This was all new to me.

The first time I hit a roadblock was when I tried to practice the… Continue reading