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Ritual – Set up for Mind Control-First Temple Degree Intitiation Part I- with Commentaryy by Pierre S. Freeman

I Am Light! I Am Life! I Am Love! I am at all times the Guardian of your Soul

I Am Light! I Am Life! I Am Love! I am at all times the Guardian of your Soul

Covert mind control is not just a slap-dash process.  A person doesn’t  just read a book or say a prayer or chant something and suddenly slip into an enhanced state of suggestibility that eventually completely changes his personality and make him a compliant slave of his cult superiors. No, mind control with this aim is a rather complex process- but the use of ritual can be a very critical component in the process of conversion of a normal person… Continue reading

Bruno in U.K. Amazon Cities Core Complaints

Considering the quality of my critics’ comments, I was not surprised to get a rather nice string of criticisms from a reader named A. Bruno ‘Italiano,’ supposedly based in London. “Bruno” says that “having read a book of Steve Hassan (an expert on cults),” I got an enlightenment and finally understood that I was indoctrinated and brainwashed by AMORC.” Not totally true- there wasn’t just one book on indoctrination and the process certainly was not ‘sudden’ enlightenment but was based on a process of a close study of cult behavior, brainwashing and Mind control techniques, the protocols of AMORC’s and… Continue reading

Sixteen Steps to Mind Control Slavery

This is a slightly different version the list I published in Prisoner- I call this “Sixteen Steps to Mind Control Slavery.” It is quickly meant to explain why AMORC is a Mind Control Platform.


Offer tremendous power and potential from the teachings, but stress how it will in no sense affect their freedom of mind.


Give them something to read, memorize and believe in. Provide them with monographs and make them read them over and over.


Gary Stewart on The Nodin Manuscript

According to a 1996 monograph, written by Gary Stewart, the former Imperator of AMORC, who was displaced by Christian Bernard, the Nodin Manuscript is “the actual key to the Rosicrucian system and the fundamental basis of our teachings.” According to Stewart, Nodin’s work, which predated the 17th century documents I have referred to previously in The Prisoner of San Jose and AMORC UNMASKED, was in two parts.

It was never published in its entirety and “always remained in the possession of the principal Rosicrucian adept, and later, the Imperator.”

Steward, who now is the Imperator of the Confraternity of the… Continue reading

AMORC Initiation – Temple Degree 3 Part III – Blurring of Reality

In reviewing Initiation 3, I commented on how, at a certain point after the ritual has advanced to a certain point, the candidate is told to imagine how the initiations took place thousands of years ago. By doing this, the monograph says,

-you will attune with the Akashic Records and, on the screen of your consciousness, you will see particular scenes rising from a distant past..

In AMORC UNMASKED, I make this critical point:

The question for someone undergoing very extensive work in imaging while involved with an occult organization is whether they are preparing themselves for higher reality, presumably… Continue reading

AMORC Initiation – Temple Degree 3 Part II – Portal to Madness

In my last blog, we discussed the set-up for the Initiation I carried out in my home sanctum for Temple Degree 3.

After meticulously creating conditions for a very powerful hypnotic platform, as described in both the Prisoner of San Jose and AMORC UNMASKED, the candidate is then told:

To perpetuate this rite, I asked that you remain seated, relax as much as possible, and try to imagine what could compose this phenomena, which the candidates of the initiation could not understand. If you can make yourself receptive enough, you will attune with the Akashic Records and, on the screen… Continue reading