AMORC Unmasked


Ritual – Set up for Mind Control-First Temple Degree Intitiation Part I- with Commentaryy by Pierre S. Freeman

I Am Light! I Am Life! I Am Love! I am at all times the Guardian of your Soul

I Am Light! I Am Life! I Am Love! I am at all times the Guardian of your Soul

Covert mind control is not just a slap-dash process.  A person doesn’t  just read a book or say a prayer or chant something and suddenly slip into an enhanced state of suggestibility that eventually completely changes his personality and make him a compliant slave of his cult superiors. No, mind control with this aim is a rather complex process- but the use of ritual can be a very critical component in the process of conversion of a normal person… Continue reading

AMORC Initiation – Temple Degree 3 – Portal to Madness Part 1


There is probably nothing more external than a ritual. Although it may embody some kind of symbolic reality, although it may suggest awakening, the ritual itself is an ever-repeated set of movements, chanting, invocations, perhaps singing in an atmosphere dressed with special costumes, candles, incense, often veiled in deep mystery and a sense of sacred history.

In AMORC, if you were not near a Lodge, all you needed was your home sanctum, replete with candles, incense and a mirror and your sacred monograph. I remember drinking my glass of water, washing my hands and setting… Continue reading