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Master Monograph Illuminati Section Degree 11 Monograph 153-From Public Domain



The first step of the Strategic Interactive Approach is to set up a support team to help the cult member. But misconceptions can stop concerned family members and friends from joining such a team. These can include misunderstandings about cults, anger at the cult member’s new attitude, fear of interference, and even denial. The first step that the SIA takes is clearing these misconceptions. Then, people can become an effective part of the support team.


If I had a really thick skin, I never would have written the first book. I knew what I was into.

But I didn’t care. Because I knew that if I did, I would never make my points in a public forum. After all, if you read AMORC UNMASKED carefully, you will see how powerful and whole the members really feel. Many believe they are ultimately at the very core of influencing world leaders and the direction of world piece. I am just a little fly in the ointment.

In looking at the criticisms in Amazon, it was quite interesting… Continue reading

An Open Letter to Christian Bernard Venerated Imperator of the Rosicrucian Order AMORC

Download your free copy from Smashwords and Read your books on any e-reading device (Kindle, iPad, Nook, iPhone, Sony Reader, Kobo, etc),

Download your free copy from Smashwords and Read your books on any e-reading device (Kindle, iPad, Nook, iPhone, Sony Reader, Kobo, etc),

As you may have heard, I, Pierre S. Freeman, the author of The Prisoner of San Jose and AMORC Unmasked have taken grave exception to the practices and agenda of your organization, Ancient Mystical Order Of Rosæ Crucis, known to the world as AMORC.  For this reason, I extend to you the opportunity to answer personally some of the questions that have troubled me and to defend your organization from the charges I have seen fit to… Continue reading

Ritual – Set up for Mind Control-First Temple Degree Intitiation Part I- with Commentaryy by Pierre S. Freeman

I Am Light! I Am Life! I Am Love! I am at all times the Guardian of your Soul

I Am Light! I Am Life! I Am Love! I am at all times the Guardian of your Soul

Covert mind control is not just a slap-dash process.  A person doesn’t  just read a book or say a prayer or chant something and suddenly slip into an enhanced state of suggestibility that eventually completely changes his personality and make him a compliant slave of his cult superiors. No, mind control with this aim is a rather complex process- but the use of ritual can be a very critical component in the process of conversion of a normal person… Continue reading

The Beginning of Mind Control

I think Mind Control starts at the very beginning of AMORC’s monograph program.

Despite all the disclaimers about members’ having freedom, you are clearly told- in the beginning and with progressive elaboration and depth- that you are a member of the only real spiritual fraternity in the world, the only one with the authentic emblem of Rosicrucianism, the only one that has inherited the true mantle.

Members who take this lightly and don’t practice the exercises or read the monographs- who don’t hold themselves up to the flame- to the promise of AMORC- can slide by without any problem.… Continue reading

The Frame of Mind is Key

Since many of my readers, especially those in AMORC, have wondered how their exercises could possibly be part of a Mind Control program, I am going to draw from some of my experiences in writing my new book, AMORC Unmasked- and kind of blend that new knowledge with my actual experience of doing these exercises.

Some people have said I was poor, unhappy, uneducated and came to the United States unprepared- and that was why I made such a mess of my life. I want to point out that when I applied for membership in AMORC I was a top… Continue reading

Questions I Would Ask My Critics

If you have read my books and disagree, exactly why do you not think that AMORC is not a cult? Please address the exact issues I bring up.

For instance, does not AMORC rather strongly imply that it is the only legitimate, clearly active spiritual fraternity in the world? What proof do you actually have that AMORC has the history and authority it claims for itself?

What do you really know about FUDOSI- and its right to actually provide credentials for AMORC? Do you know anything about its history? Do you know why it was disbanded?

Have you studied the… Continue reading

Gary L. Stewart – On Desire

I guess I like to thumb through my old Rosicrucian Digests. Anything to gain perspective. In going all the way back to August, 1986, I found an article by the then Imperator, Gary L. Stewart called “Desire.”

In it, he talks about the problems with visualizing things that you desire- and then turns to the “desire” for Cosmic Consciousness. He says-

Since desire for Cosmic Illumination tells us that we do not yet have it, and the very foundation of Rosicrucian teachings tells us that we are identical to all that is, are we not defeating our purpose, our goal,… Continue reading

The Chateau d’Omonville

The Headquarters of the French language division is in Normandy in the Chateau d’Omonville. This is where the Imperator, Christian Bernard, often stays, when not travelling to other parts of his Rosicrucian empire.

The site is shrouded in tradition. AMORC claims that a nearby forest was donated to the Knights Templars of Commandery of Saint Etienne de Renneville, which is located about one kilometer from the Chateau. It is easy to be hypnotized by traditions of this nature, to ease oneself into the luxury of being associated with such a traditional and ancient organization.

But although I revere the possibility… Continue reading

Last Response to Bruno

I guess my ears are still ringing after reading again the comments on my book, the Prisoner of San Jose by A. Bruno ‘Italiano,’ in U. K. Amazon. At the end of his critique, he says:

I am deeply sorry for this man but I think it’s really horrible what he has done. If he did not agree on the principles of AMORC, he should have just left and not waiting for 25 years. Exercises and techniques described here as methods for indoctrinations and hypnosis. Mr Freeman if you look at all the new age and Eastern religions, you would… Continue reading