AMORC Unmasked

Recovering from Cults and Abusive Relationships-by Pierre S. Freeman

Recovering from Cults and Abusive Relationships-

A powerful book on recovery as discussed
by Occult Whistleblower, Pierre S. Freeman


            Association is defined by Lalich and Tobias as “an abnormal state set apart from ordinary consciousness wherein the normal connections of memory, knowledge and emotion are severed.” Disassociation can be engendered covertly, as some may remember from my discussion of the famous psychiatrist, Milton H. Erickson, who was known to create mild hypnotic disassociation with his handshake technique where he would confuse the subject with a slightly revised handshake procedure, one of several “confusion” techniques he developed for producing a trance. Lalich and Tobias, on the other hand, talk about how cult leaders can create a trance by creating a relaxing, protected environment and, at some point, insert their suggestions into their recruits’ minds after lulling them into suggestibility by their pacing and tone of voice.

In AMORC, disassociation, the key to suggestibility, was created in a slightly different way. I can only imagine how it happened- perhaps we could envision the formation of a similar cult, something like this-

            It is the early twentieth century and some well-dressed gentlemen have just been seated in a small, but renowned French restaurant.

One of them is in his early thirties, a big man, wearing a plaid suit and sipping some Port the waiter just brought to a table in a side corner in a French restaurant in New York. The big man is talking to a close circle of male confidents talking about his plans. His eyes widened as he stared at one of his more skeptical colleagues.

“It can’t be done. You have to have a team, an organization with people to lead small groups. That’s how it’s done.”

“Well, I will have some people, a small number, but most of the work will be done in people’s homes, where they will be reading a weekly newsletter from headquarters.”

“That is impossible. You need to induce trances with a live person, someone that the gullible will look up to almost immediately.”

“No you don’t. All I need is a mark, a young, innocent man or woman hoping, groping for a spiritual adventure and a small staff to handle the correspondence.”

“And how are you going to do this?” a cigar smoking man in a corner spoke up. He had spearheaded the work in two political semi-fraternal groups. His spiffy handkerchief and his black silk tie set off the contours of a fabulously expensive silk black cutaway jacket with gold cufflinks. You could see by his audience’s reaction to his every word, his obvious success was giving credence to  his question and everything else he could say.

“I will create a system of self-hypnosis- with all the bells and whistles. I will include with my system instructions for creating a spiritual shrine which can easily be put together at home.”

“So you will not use an outside person to supervise this charade?”

“Of course not. I will use a mirror- from time to time.”
“A mirror?” the man in the cutaway laughed- and everyone joined in. Most of his colleagues had joined him friend in fleecing a lot of wealthy people with their last patriotic scam.
“I will throw in a candle, a lot of small treatises with strange symbols and a lot of visualization exercises, chanting and even mini-rituals. In time, just a few weeks, we will guide our mark into experiencing a very light trance- and then we’ll be on our way.”

“Impossible!” a smallish man with a flushed face said.

“Because you said that- I feel even more motivated. I promise you in a few years I will build the largest and most successful correspondence course based on the occult ever created.”

“And how long will people in your small group stay in?”

“Forever. They will stay in until they die- and then they will leave me their money.”

For those who did manage to escape cults, like the one I jut described, their daily baths in disassociation and the strange links it helped establish to their cults did not completely leave them after they left. Many would have various bouts with problems of disassociation, triggered by certain words, thoughts or memories.  Mine involved day meres, blackouts and spontaneous fits of anger. Not too pleasant an aftermath, but treatable, for sure.

I should know.

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