AMORC Unmasked



Create a sense that the current leadership, however remote, represents this authority. The member will therefore likely utilize his own unconscious tendencies towards psychological transference to irrationally enhance his belief and obedience to that authority. Whether one is speaking of Mao, Sun Myung Moon or H. Spencer Lewis, that person must be exalted to the highest level. Further, it wouldn’t hurt if some of that leadership were on invisible planes with superhuman powers, apparent only to the Elect on Earth.

Missing Person:  Actuary –University of Louisville MA in Mathematics



  • Right.
    It’s all pretty clever and tricky bullshit.
    Common sense, practical knowledge interwoven with mind numbing, oppressive, mythological, guilt and paranoia inducing posthypnotic suggestion. A few monographs into it, the more credulous will become depressed, accident prone and feel they owe their entire existence to the cult.
    One side feeds our bootlicking instinct to Obey Aothority, Fellate The Stone Obelisk of Big Brother or of Big Daddy (those forced to fellate your Father’s as a child will know precisely what I mean), Climb the Ladder…Worship The Corporation, Worship THE COLLECTIVE, for only IT and THE LEADER are GOD. You can never be GOD. Ha ha Ha. Sucker! Just as you can NEVER be President, King, Boss, NUMBER ONE, etc. Just as you can never be Master of Your Destiny, except as mediated by the dogma of The Institution.
    The other side appeals to the side of you that longs to be Special, Chosen, Elect…um, Better, More Holy Then Your Brrethren, etc., yep…It’s sugary sweet seduction/corruption, poison for the mind (yes the mind – there is no soul
    It’s all a very clever con old as Babylon, Writing, and Civilisation itself.
    Anyway, there is a saying which says: ‘All within you which is hollow will surely be filled with corruption.’
    Yep. I fell for it all, hook line and sinker. I wished to be God’s beloved. I wished to be GOOD.
    I lost a great deal of time, money. I expended a great deal of ‘psychic energy’ which could have been expanded in building up self esteem and faith in The Self – the true, natural self, not the Self mandated by The Institution. Strangely enough, in the AMORC version of Rosicrucianism, selfishness is a great sin.
    As in all religion, the concept of Sin – the great lie. Selfishness, the only thing which is on your side.
    There is no God, only ‘The Pyramid Surmounted by A Rosy Cross’, The Institution, blocking The Light, selling it back to you lie by lie, page by page.

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