AMORC Unmasked

Questions I Would Ask My Critics

If you have read my books and disagree, exactly why do you not think that AMORC is not a cult? Please address the exact issues I bring up.

For instance, does not AMORC rather strongly imply that it is the only legitimate, clearly active spiritual fraternity in the world? What proof do you actually have that AMORC has the history and authority it claims for itself?

What do you really know about FUDOSI- and its right to actually provide credentials for AMORC? Do you know anything about its history? Do you know why it was disbanded?

Have you studied the difference between Meditation and Hypnosis? Are you so sure that you can tell the difference between an aura that is really psychically perceived or one that is hypnotically produced, given the exact exercise described in AMORC Unmasked?

Have you ever really read any exit psychologist accounts of Mind Control cults?

Do you really think that AMORC is right to teach a certain healing protocol without provide any proof that it works? And should they be permitted to do this since they claim ‘scientific’ not religious authority to do this type of laying on of hands- without such proof?

What do you think of AMORC’s attempt, as described in detail in AMORC Unmasked to encourage its members to assume- or take over without permission, the consciousness of prospective business partners, employers- and even government leaders to effect goals that they perceive- but not the person they are taking over- for the common good.

Do you really think you can objectively create an alchemical cloud and disappear?

Do you think that people who travel out of their body necessarily are visiting an objective reality- and how can you tell?

If you have been a member of AMORC, how much proof do you have that you have successfully sent telepathic messages, have regularly healed people, have been able to disappear at will, have travelled out of the body to places and situation that you have been able to confirm? How much do you believe and how much have you tested?

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