AMORC Unmasked

New Book Reveals Mind Control Techniques Used by AMORC

“The Prisoner of San Jose” Unveils Clever use of Hypnotic Induction in Daily Practices

Have you ever wondered how cult organizations like those of the Branch Davidians or Manson gained control over their members? What techniques could so quickly capture the hearts and souls of ordinary people, converting them into zombie-like followers of some strange belief system? According to Pierre S. Freeman FRC , L:.L:.L:., author of “The Prisoner of San Jose,” these cults use the same mind control techniques that destroyed his life for twenty-four years.

“If I hadn’t almost accidentally discovered information about mind control techniques, I would still be in AMORC today,” Freeman contends. The acronym, A.M.O.R.C. stands for the Ancient and Mystic Order of Rosae Crucis, an organization founded by H. Spencer Lewis in the beginning of the last century that claims roots in ancient Egypt. AMORC claims to be run by an invisible hierarchy whose teachings of Cosmic attunement give its members enviable control over their material and spiritual affairs.

“When you receive their weekly lessons, called monographs, you become enthralled with the possibilities. After a short period of time practicing their techniques of visualization and mind control, you come to believe that you have finally discovered what makes the world tick. The problem is that you really have no evidence of that reality, just the continual restatement of that claim. What has happened is that your personality has been altered by subtle but carefully orchestrated techniques of hypnosis.”

Freeman describes how by creating a home sanctum, something like a tiny temple in your home, using candles and incense while visualizing certain symbols and making certain symbolic gestures, you quickly become hypnotized, a state which enhances your suggestibility and hence the believability of the Rosicrucian claims. The monographs, those weekly lessons, are read religiously in this artificial atmosphere, heightening their effect and altering your personality to be like those compliant souls who have been subjected to the ritual hypnosis of so many cult groups.

“I experienced a kind of hell on earth for twenty-four years. Once you’re in a cult, it is very difficult to get out. You are sabotaged by your own personality,” says Freeman. “I wrote this book to help others prevent this from happening and to help others trapped in mind control cults to realize that it is possible to be free.”

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