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MENTAL POISONING-The Secret Motivation of H. Spencer Lewis: Part 2




As Discussed by Occult Whistleblower, Pierre S. Freeman

The Secret Motivation of H. Spencer Lewis: Part 2
H. Spencer Lewis’ Motivation in Writing “Mental Poisoning” Unveiled


Returning to the three powerful vulnerabilities of the human mind discussed previously, the question is clear, given my presuppositions made clearly in all my writings- why would Lewis say all this- if he is actually running a “spiritual operation” which has mental poisoning (or mind control) at its core?

I believe that people who run cults like this can generally be compared to psychopaths who have certain definable traits. One way of doing this is to utilize the Hare checklist, which was used to identify people who commit crimes. . Some of those traits involve such things as a sense of their own grandiosity, a smoothness and glibness of demeanor, an ability to shamelessly lie and the cunning and willingness to manipulate people with those lies, a lack of empathy for their victims or guilt for the abuses they inflict on others.
I think that H. Spencer Lewis has many of the above traits. Although parading himself as Master of the Occult, I think secretly he was satisfied, within himself, as a kind of conniving genius at marketing and promotion. Like a psychopath, he took no responsibility for the effects of enslaving people’s minds for decades or luring them into a lifetime program of self-deception enhanced by hallucinations, false spiritual elitism and an ancient occult hijacked from other sources.  Become part of AMORC and turn from a poor spiritual outsider, a pawn of flawed human history- to part of a glorious spiritual elite. This is another tactic in the psychopath’s inventory- to utilize a person’s self-esteem to the master manipulator’s private purpose.


No, I don’t really think Lewis got his real jolt of self-esteem and grandiosity from parading around in his Imperator’s robes. He was way too smart for that. Everything he did in AMORC was carefully designed and executed. He knew exactly what all the rituals, monographs, exercises and meetings meant. He wouldn’t have gotten off much self-gratification by ruling a bunch of brainwashed automatons he had programmed himself. No, I think he got his jolt of grandiosity by something else- that he had pulled it off, that he had fooled thousands and thousands of people with parting with their hard-earned dollars by deploying one of the great hoaxes of the century.
And, psychopathic as this self-exaltation might have been, wouldn’t it even seem grander if, in the fever of his great joy at succeeding in this massive con game, he actually put all his cards on the table with a book like Mental Poisoning, which explained exactly how he did it and yet, the fools who read it and bought into his seeming wisdom, were the same fools who fell into his Rosicrucian mind trap? How could a stage magician be more skilled than to absolutely tell their audience how he does a trick and yet still have the audience be totally baffled by his performance? How could a skilled mind control expert be more a proven genius than to explain his actual formula for mind control to his subjects and they still not realize they were in its grips?
In other words, H. Spencer Lewis, in his book, is not really getting self-gratification for his role as Imperator, of AMORC, a role he knows to be a carefully orchestrated lie, but rather for his being an expert manipulator of the masses, with his subjects so completely under mind control that they don’t even realize how his book applies to them.
My point is that H. Spencer Lewis is not really all that concerned by being acknowledged as Superman, the Imperator, whose role it is to rescue mankind from a primitive, unenlightened state of mind, but rather as Lex Luthor, the great criminal genius, whose chief goal is to deceive, rob and cheat the poor fools who belong to the rabble of poor confused humanity. That is what Lewis was probably chuckling about when he went to bed every night.

3 Responses to MENTAL POISONING-The Secret Motivation of H. Spencer Lewis: Part 2

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  • having spent a number of years as a member of the order and having known many of the grand lodge officers personally i can safely say that mr freemont’s views are counter to what i have experienced over the years.

    i would ask the author to fully define his terms as to what he means by the word cult. his rants and logic sound more like”sour grapes”and attempting to debunk anything , weather it be ufos or a.m.o.r.c, by proclamation is the poorest form of dispute.

    i am no longer a member but this stuff flies in the face of my experiences with the order.

    thank you

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