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Master Monograph, Fourth Degree No. 3- THE SIXTH LAW MORE CLOSELY EXAMINED

Master Monograph, Fourth Degree No. 3-  THE SIXTH LAW MORE CLOSELY EXAMINED   

We continue to look at the Sixth Law of Nodin, as enunciated in Degree 4 of the Initiate Section, Monograph No. 3, which states:

The Sun is the source from which emanates the positive polarity of Nous; the Earth is that from which is propagated its negative polarity.

The positive polarity of Nous is Vital Life Force. The negative polarity is Spirit. We went on to see how the Earth is thick with spirit energy and radiates this energy out to space.

But is this really so crystal clear?

After speaking of the Earth as being dense with spirit energy, AMORC makes the following statement: “You should not conclude from these remarks that the Source of Sprit is the Earth itself and that Vital Life Force exists only because of the solar radiation.” This is comforting to know, since the Sun is radiating Nous to the Earth and Sprit is one of those components. As far as I can tell, Earth is capturing the Spirit component of Nous and somehow condensing it.

After all, the Monograph does say,

The chemical constituents of the air and the cosmic essence which permeates it constitute the positive polarity of Vital Life Force. Vital Life Force itself constitutes the positive polarity of Nous…. It must be emphasized that this polarity towards all the planets orbiting the Sun.”

Perhaps the Sixth Law should more clearly state:

“The Sun is the source from which emanates both the positive, which is Vital Life Force, and negative polarity of Nous, which is Spirit. Earth like all the other planets in the system, captures both energies, but condenses Vital Life Force to such a degree that it propagates it outwards.”

We could call this Freeman’s Law. There, I have now made an important clarification to Nodin’s Sixth Law and to Rosicrucian cosmology. Wow!

Speaking more seriously, I do not feel that the Sixth Law, in its current formulation, is clearly enunciated, which seems quite puzzling, for a foundational document of AMORC’s cosmology.

But, then again, as I have alluded to in The Prisoner of San Jose and AMORC Unmasked, does it really serve Mind Control cults to be always clear? Sometimes confusion and disorientation is the key to more effective Mind Control.

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