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If one person captures my message and avoids just one major pitfall on the spiritual path, then perhaps my efforts will be justified. If one person regains their foothold in their own, personal reality, gaining back their soundness of mind and their ability to analyze the events around them, then I have achieved something really great despite all the pain I have been through.

Whistleblowers like me cannot help but identify with Robin Williams’ character in the movie, What Dreams May Come, who seeks to challenge the traditional interpretation of reality and rescues his wife from the burning, but illusionary, fires of so-called eternal damnation.

I am a living testimony to the fact that there is life after Mind Control. Even in the midst of Mind Control, there is always a kernel of real life in us, what Robert Jay Lifton calls the Protean Self. In the Prisoner of San Jose, I quote from his book named after this fascinating concept of our true self. In describing that part of us- that cannot be crushed by programming he says that, “…this mode of being differs radically from that of the past, and enables us to engage in continuous exploration and personal experiment.”

No matter how deep you are embroiled in a cult, a little honesty about what you believe, what you experience and what is really true- will go a long way to free you from the grips of Illusion and also from the dreadful grip of the dreadful fears, the nightmare and daysmares, the restless anxiety and murdering headaches that often happen when we have given up our soul to Cult leaders and remorselessly untrue doctrines. No matter what is happening to you, the Protean Self, your real self is still capable to explore and discern.

To prevail against a rough tide of programming, a raft built of little truths can travel a long way towards a place of inner freedom and true inner unity.

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