AMORC Unmasked

Last Response to Bruno

I guess my ears are still ringing after reading again the comments on my book, the Prisoner of San Jose by A. Bruno ‘Italiano,’ in U. K. Amazon. At the end of his critique, he says:

I am deeply sorry for this man but I think it’s really horrible what he has done. If he did not agree on the principles of AMORC, he should have just left and not waiting for 25 years. Exercises and techniques described here as methods for indoctrinations and hypnosis. Mr Freeman if you look at all the new age and Eastern religions, you would see also so much of incense, and bells, and meditations…Sorry all this is not a cult.

Although I went to great pains to describe why AMORC is, in fact, a cult in Prisoner, I go into a great deal more depth in my new book AMORC UNMASKED. AMORC has a very complex Mind Control system, which I try to unravel a great deal more in UNMASKED. I am definitely not against meditation nor incense- nor other devices used in legitimate spiritual activities designed to awaken you to higher conscious. I am against activities which are designed, in fact, to put you to sleep. A deeply, suggestible sleep, I might add.

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