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In my last blog, we discussed how in an Introduction to Degree 4, the Imperator (which means Emperor) of AMORC warns against the karmic repercussions of reproducing the content of the Monographs.

For those of you who don’t know, U.S. copyright is not totally exclusive- and I have tried to be well within any possible understanding of my rights to use this material. Why? Because of the “fair use” doctrine.

In Section 107, titled, Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use U.S. Copyright law, there is a provision which limits the exclusive rights granted a copyrighter. This means that, even though someone has copyrighted something, he or she does not have totally exclusive rights to control the publishing of the material. These include such uses as criticism, comment, news reporting and scholarship. My material clearly comprehends all those uses, even that of scholarship, since I explore the derivation of these teachings from many literary and scholarly sources.

But what about the fact that the Monographs themselves are prescriptions for doing extreme harm to the reader by virtue of their promotion of practices which induce hypnosis and can create elaborate involuntary, post-hypnotic scenarios, the bifurcation of personality and hallucination protocols? Since this is my experience, why should I not, from a moral and spiritual point of view, be curtailed by possible bad karmic consequences from revealing these alleged “secrets of the ages?”

No. Sorry. I expect a good deal of good karma to come from it.

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