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Hypnosis versus Meditation

Now, what I am going to say is my opinion- but I think that meditation and hypnosis are profoundly different procedures, although they both open the door to the subconscious in different ways. As I mention in AMORC Unmasked, the word, “hypnosis” comes from the word “sleep” in ancient Greek. I believe that this is a clue to what hypnosis is most like in human consciousness. On the other hand, meditation is about increasing awareness.

If I were sitting down in my sanctum, meditating, I would be “cultivating awareness,” a term associated with various kinds of meditation. This awareness could begin by focusing on some element of my body, my breathing or even sensory impressions around me. I would then try to “hold” the object of concentration in my awareness consciously. In this manner, I would do just the opposite of slipping into a state of trance.

In AMORC Unmasked, I quote the very influential Madame Blavatsky, who equates meditation and hypnosis. She says:

Hypnotism, we may add, is nought but the Trâtaka of the Yogî, the act of concentrating his mind on the tip of the nose, or on the spot between the eyebrows. It was known and practiced by the ascetics in order to produce the final Samâdhi, or temporary deliverance of the soul from the body; a complete disenthralment of the spiritual man from the slavery of the physical with its gross senses.

Personally, I think Blavatsky is wrong and that true meditation and hypnosis are different. I also am very skeptical of the theosophical hierarchy of Cosmic Masters, who Madame Blavatsky projects onto the world. These same Cosmic Masters, including the term, “Great White Brotherhood,” were adapted by AMORC for its own hierarchy.

Madame Blavatsky and her followers have had a very controversial role in the development of their esoteric group over several generations. In fact, there are certain parallels with early Theosophy and AMORC, although Theosophy came first.

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