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Gary Stewart on The Nodin Manuscript

According to a 1996 monograph, written by Gary Stewart, the former Imperator of AMORC, who was displaced by Christian Bernard, the Nodin Manuscript is “the actual key to the Rosicrucian system and the fundamental basis of our teachings.” According to Stewart, Nodin’s work, which predated the 17th century documents I have referred to previously in The Prisoner of San Jose and AMORC UNMASKED, was in two parts.

It was never published in its entirety and “always remained in the possession of the principal Rosicrucian adept, and later, the Imperator.”

Steward, who now is the Imperator of the Confraternity of the Rose Cross, says that the first part of the document was originally published by H. Spencer Lewis in the Fourth Degree of the Monographs, which we have been discussing in these blogs, but the second part solely remains in the possession of Gary Stewart, who received it from Ralph Lewis, the Imperator who appointed him to be the Imperator of AMORC. According to this 1996 document, Stewart says, “At the moment, AMORC proclaimed H. Spencer Lewis’ monographs as being antiquated and have now adopted teachings that were written by a team of doctors, scientists, etc. that were appointed by Christian Bernard.”

Whatever the current state of the monographs I have been quoting is compared to the original, there is something very funny about the way the contents of the Nodin manuscript are enunciated in the current Fourth Degree.

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  • Fr. Ite N Gospel is an affiliated member of d order since 2011, currently in cycle 27. Degree 4 Amorifer by fraternal name. Pls de members of de order shud help dose of us dat did not have job and pray to de cosmic mastas to help us archive emp opps.

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