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Gary L. Stewart – On Desire

I guess I like to thumb through my old Rosicrucian Digests. Anything to gain perspective. In going all the way back to August, 1986, I found an article by the then Imperator, Gary L. Stewart called “Desire.”

In it, he talks about the problems with visualizing things that you desire- and then turns to the “desire” for Cosmic Consciousness. He says-

Since desire for Cosmic Illumination tells us that we do not yet have it, and the very foundation of Rosicrucian teachings tells us that we are identical to all that is, are we not defeating our purpose, our goal, by dwelling in contradiction. Perhaps the… key we call desire, is truly found in its elimination.

Once this point is realized, once this point is ingrained into our hearts, our inner beings, have we not realized that we already have attained that which we desire?

To me, this is the kind of AMORC double-think that I think deceives a lot of members- who believe that they are, to some degree, already endowed with Cosmic Illumination.

Speaking somewhat obliquely, I remember the story of the Hindu sage, Ramakrishna- who was so possessed with the desire for a vision of Kali that he threatened to take his life with a ritual dagger. Only, then did the Goddess reveal himself to him as “a limitless, infinite, effulgent Ocean of Consciousness.”* He now had a vision of the Divine Mother that would evolve as he found greater and greater universal approaches to his perceptions.

Was it really enough for Ramakrishna to just remember that he was already enlightened- because he was unified with all things- prior to his experience of that ocean of consciousness? Should our thoughts about Higher Consciousness be confused with our actually being in those states?

*The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna (Mylapore: Sri Ramakrishna Math, 1952), Book 1, p. 15

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