AMORC Unmasked

From the Press Release of AMORC Whistleblower Pierre S. Freeman

…..One of the most important features of was to show the differences between the monographs designed by its founder, H. Spencer Lewis, and his present successor, Christian Bernard. Freeman believes that Bernard has rewritten the monographs in an effort to somewhat obliterate the profound identification Lewis has with AMORC which dilutes Bernard’s current position and power. Bernard’s monographs were created following the Coup d’état against Gary Steward, a former Imperator (title assumed by the head of AMORC) who was accused of wrongdoing and removed from AMORC’S leadership.  Bernard felt that the “Shadow of H. Spencer Lewis” was following him too closely.  During the time of its construction, members of AMORC were never told that the monographs were being rewritten.

Freeman says, “Truth be told, after many years of serious marketing campaigns and changing the demographic of his customers, the Christian Bernard monographs are now gaining in popularity.  The new recruits that are enlisted online are easier to manipulate into considering the Christian Bernard Monographs as the real “deal.” Unfortunately, both the “old wine” and the “new wine” of AMORC are powerful, seductive doses of unreality. My website gives members of AMORC and curious individuals a chance to see the two versions of the monographs for themselves.”


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