AMORC Unmasked



The High Priestess then tells the Neophytes that they must drop their hands and face the East. [In the sacred instructions for this ritual, it alerts the Conductor that, if any of the candidates (or all of them) don’t know how to face East, he will show them. For instance, he might look at them sternly and point, “This is the East. Face there!”]

The Master, probably making sure that all the Neophytes have head the final instructions, tells them that they have concluded Part One of the First Degree Initiation of the Temple of the Rose Cross. In order to get to Part II, which will then truly allow them to enter into the Circle of Initiates, they need to appear at a specific time which he then alerts them to. He then repeats what the High Priestess has said- to meditate on what they have learned and get ready for some new stuff.

Now, they begin their final perambulation out of the Temple, passing through the Threshold Chamber as they follow the Conductor during their last moments. When they have gone far enough, the High Priestess sits down, obviously a bit tired by dousing so much concentrated, good vibrations over the humble innocents that had just stood before her.

As they move towards the door, it is opened by the Inner Guardian who, after they leave, will close it behind them. As the Music plays, the Conductor now takes them to the Reception room and tells them they can remain there between Part I of the Initiation they have just experienced and the Second Part to come. Possibly because the Order has pity for all the disciplined silence they have had to maintain during the ceremony, they are
AMORC Unmasked by Pierre S. Freeman (Author)

allowed to talk during the waiting period. Of course, if Part II occurs on another day, they must go home. No one really should be sleeping overnight in the temple. When the candidates leave the Antechamber, the Outer Guardian will open the door to the Temple.

The music is lowered and witnesses now can leave the Temple.

“To many, the early part of Roger’s journey might seem simple and pleasant, but that would be like entering an orchard before one bumped into a beehive.”

“To many, the early part of Roger’s journey might seem simple and pleasant, but that would be like entering an orchard before one bumped into a beehive.”

Now the Outer Guardian closes the Temple Door and watches as the Inner Guardian opens the Threshold Chamber and the officers march out in an established order- Master, Colombe, Matre, South and North officers and\ Death. The Inner Guardian is the last to leave, his last effort being to snuff out the flame on the Doric stand, which seemed pretty much to qualify as a rather short-lived eternal flame. The Technician then extinguishes the light in the vestal urn and the symbols on the lectern and any cool lighting that might have been used, ending the last strands of the ritual as the Temple goes into Sleep Mode.

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