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Experiment No. 44 – Psychic Projection from Monograph “60- Master Monograph Section Initiate Degree 7 Nos. 4-6” on my website

From This monograph on my website “60- Master Monograph Section Initiate Degree 7 Nos. 4-6”

From Christian Bernard Monographs

Experiment No. 44 – Psychic Projection

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Where experiment No. 43 equipped readers with the basic tools to incite a psychic awakening, this experiment makes good on the promise by providing detailed guidance on how to achieve a complete separation and projection of the psychic body.

  1. The monograph recommends that students undertake a ritual purification before engaging in this psychic technique. Followers are asked to wash their hands and imbibe water to reinforce a sense of respect and awe towards the Cosmic. According to the Class Master, this should enhance the student’s psychic abilities.
  2. Before assuming the correct posture, students must intone the following invocation,


“May the Divine Essence of the Cosmic infuse my being and cleanse me of all impurities of mind and body, that I may enter the Celestial Sanctum and attune in pureness and worthiness. So Mote it be!”

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  1. The initial steps for achieving a psychic projection are the same as those found in Experiment No. 43. (The full text can be read at com)
  2. Once the prescribed chanting has been completed, students are told to concentrate on the thymus while inhaling deeply through the nose. They should then hold their breath for as long as comfortably possible.
  3. Upon exhaling, students should intone an elongated “Ra” sound.
  4. With this exhalation, students should concentrate on projecting their bodies through the motion of the sound. In total, the sound should be repeated 7 times, by which point students should become integrated with the Cosmic.
  5. Contact with the Cosmic is concluded through a Celestial Sanctum, which is to be spoken as follows:

“May the God of my Heart sanctify this attunement of self with the Celestial Sanctum.”

According to the Class Master, this technique will take some time to develop properly. With focused practice, however, students should be able to project their bodies for several minutes at a time.

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