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Escalating the Illusion Part III

In continuing to look over some of my old Rosicrucian Digests, I came across a “Thought of the Month” by former Imperator Gary Stewart. It was titled, “Laws of the Rosy Cross.” Commenting on the hopes for a New Age, promulgated so frequently towards the end of the last century, Stewart said in the May/June issue of 1987-

It is indeed good and important that humanity is entering into an era in which value is being placed upon the elevation of consciousness. But let us be cautious of the sensationalism that is being placed upon psychic phenomena and its resulting fatalistic attitude, and not confuse mysticism with such sensationalism. We must always be mindful that our highest mystical ideals are built upon a solid foundation of responsibility and integrity, which means nothing unless it is applied and practiced for the benefit of all.

Judging from the context of this quote, Stewart is commenting on various “New Age” organizations that feature channeling or easy access to Cosmic Masters upon joining.

Still, if there were to be one central complaint I have about AMORC- is that its appeal and lesson structure is totally geared to psychically equipping its members with occult powers and only tangentially to communion, prayer and meditation. In this respect- in teaching members how to read auras, recover past lifetime memories, travel backwards in time to witness ancient civilizations and cosmological events, create objects out of thing air through visualization, chanting and concentration, become invisible, telepathic and read auras- there can be no more sensationalistic claims and curriculums.

So, when you apply Stewart’s quote to AMORC, they only come up as one of many organizations striving to enlist people by the offer of occult powers and their benefits- with a token gesture towards mysticism.




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