AMORC Unmasked

Escalating the Illusion Part II

In an article called “The Inner Self” for The Celestial Sanctum section of the Rosicrucian Digest (May/June 1988), Dennis Kwaitkowski, F.R.C. relates-

“Our Rosicrucian Manual defines the Inner Self as the spiritual consciousness within the physical body. It further goes on to relate that this consciousness constitutes man’s real being and is part of the soul or the divine element of each person’s existence. The physical, material part of man is related to the spiritual consciousness, for both are part of the same cosmic whole and both work in harmonious parallel. The Inner Self, however, is unlimited and is in no way restricted by “time” and “space” or by the nature and quality of material things.”

This is all very nice- and I personally believe in it. But owing to the vulnerability of the human mind, the experience of spiritual development can be faked.

How is this possible? In AMORC UNMASKED, I go into Aron’s Scale, a way of measuring the depth of hypnosis- and how, to a large degree, AMORC’S platform of hypnosis progressively allows the member to deepen the state of consciousness.

For those who have read The Prisoner of San Jose, they recall how Mind Control Cults work to create a cleavage between a member’s former personality and a specially-shaped personality, called a “cult personality,” which serves the aims of the alter. I believe the ideal “product” of AMORC is someone whose very sense of perception is shaped by endowing the member with hallucinogenic capacities- so that he ‘sees’ auras, objects that he creates in his own mind, can ‘disappear’ objects or people- or even himself- in a relatively advanced state of trance.

My question is- if true, is this a form of conditioned psychosis? Something to ponder.

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