AMORC Unmasked

Escalating the Illusion Part I

In one of my last blogs, I focused on a Message from the Supreme Grand Lodge entitled, “Dare to Think!” published in the Rosicrucian Digest of Spring, 1992. This message focuses on the untrustworthy nature of our external senses. But what are we to replace it with, according to the writer?

In a remarkable piece of rhetoric, we are told that, though our eyes are valuable tools in exploring our environment, perhaps the most important, but they are somewhat deceptive. What’s the solution? We must train our hearing.

Hmmmmm…. Our eyes our deficient in objectivity, so we must train our hearing. And how do we do that? According to the writer, we should dive into the Rosicrucian exercises on chanting, which “serve in training our faculty of hearing.” After all, as a student in the Order, “you should be able to experience your voice positively as a part of yourself.” And what does this have to do with strengthening your grasp of external reality? The writer doesn’t really explain that but promises that the chanting will strengthen your intuition, your inner voice. He doesn’t even mention how the training in hearing will trump your deficient faculty of sight.

It’s all just a promo for the spiritual exercises of AMORC, which basically lead to building and living in a fantasy world of imagery guided through AMORC’s hypnotic platform.

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