AMORC Unmasked



We have now discussed a concept of the possibilities for the human body as shared by twentieth century immortalists called Rebirthers and Roman Catholic Church.

In Monograph No. 10, Degree 8 in the Initiate Section, after briefly discussing the legend of the Fountain of Youth, AMORC goes onto to disparage the idea that this concept is a correct representation of the true Mystic Path. It says in respect of the notion that mystics “wanted to live forever in the same physical body”-

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth, for these initiates had attained considerable mastery and knew perfectly well that death was an integral part of earthly life.

AMORC then goes onto say that the sages “…did aspire to a certain form of immortality, but not the immortality of the physical body.”

According to the Rebirthers, whatever one might think of them, AMORC falls on the side of the “deathists.”

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