AMORC Unmasked

Dare to Think!

In a Message from the Supreme Grand Lodge entitled, “Dare to Think!” in the Rosicrucian Digest of Spring, 1992, the spokesman ventures,

Dare to Think! This command will be heard when you are about to free yourself from the bondage of ignorance. It is the goal, which the teachings of AMORC are striving for; its students strive to become free individual who learn to use their own mind and think for themselves.

Many of my critics have harped on the “liberalism” and open-mindedness of AMORC, undoubtedly focusing on statements like this. Yet, on inspection, the article focuses on various elements I have discussed in The Prisoner of San Jose and with more depth in AMORC UNMASKED.

Basically the articles tells us not to trust our outer senses, quoting from Jakob Boehme, “the world is but an illusion and it is our task to take away the veils of illusion instead of veils or illusions.”

I agree to an extent. But, in AMORC, what exactly do we replace these veils with?

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