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In my last blog, I discussed Ralph Lewis article, “Is Levitation Possible?”

As Lewis’ article says, levitation has been practiced by rather fundamentalist Christians like Saint Dominic, St. Thomas of Aquinas, and Saint Ignatius of Loyola, mainstays of the Christian Church, but it has also been claimed by people like D. D. Home, the famous English medium and recounted by scientists like Sir William Crookes and psychologist, William James.

So what is all this wonderful stuff got to do with spirituality, the quest for Cosmic Consciousness? Well, I believe that such a quest does get into what one might call… Continue reading

LEVITATION- PSYCHIC POWERS-Based on writing of Ralph Lewis deceased Imperator of AMORC


This blog will discuss an article called “Is Levitation Possible?” which was written by Ralph. Unlike most of my blogs, I don’t necessarily disagree with the bulk of this article, written by a former Imperator. The article was written to put forward the idea that levitation is a possibility for man and to chronicle some of the evidence for it. There is no doubt that feats of levitation, as documented by the author, has been claimed in many different cultures- Hindus, Buddhists and Christians historically have levitated- as well as mediums like D.… Continue reading

The Web of Mind Control

Looking backward, I believe that it all starts in the beginning of the training. In terms of belief, all you really need is enough belief to start the exercises.

And what are the beginning exercises about?

They are about mind reading, psychometry and some kind of mind over matter- changing the color of a candle. In other words, they are about the development of personal power. In AMORC UNVEILED, I say:

Someone who is a Seeker is fundamentally trying to get in touch with the Divine Presence, a state of transpersonal Communion with the Source behind all things. There is… Continue reading

A Caring Whistleblower

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2009 AT 08:32AM

When organizations or leaders have cast a spell over people, either directly or indirectly, through Mind Control or dedicated and pervasive methods of advertising, persuasive writing or propaganda, it is hard to overcome objections through reason. This is why we still have a tobacco industry, why we go to war over weapons of mass destruction when there are none, why we overlook the drug and personal problems of some of our national heroes, allowing the press to blot out important national news stories. That is why we have dictatorships in this world. Many people… Continue reading