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About Anna Maciejewska:


About Anna Maciejewska:


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THE CANDLE AGAIN! AMORC by Pierre S. Freeman


In a way, I think that little candle was my real first initiation into Mind Control. In a way, concentrating on the candle- and then trying to change its color- is a way of testing for the depth of hypnosis. If the neophyte succeeds, then he is going to be a perfect tool of the Rosicrucian Order. If he doesn’t, he may go away. Or- like me- a failure at most of the occult experiments- he may try harder, doing exercises- whether breathing, chanting, healing, psychic energizing or visualization- over and over again.


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If one person captures my message and avoids just one major pitfall on the spiritual path, then perhaps my efforts will be justified. If one person regains their foothold in their own, personal reality, gaining back their soundness of mind and their ability to analyze the events around them, then I have achieved something really great despite all the pain I have been through.

Whistleblowers like me cannot help but identify with Robin Williams’ character in the movie, What Dreams May Come, who seeks to challenge the traditional interpretation of reality and rescues his wife from the burning,… Continue reading


In these blogs and my books, I have often focused on the Mind Control elements in AMORC that seem to endow the member with miraculous powers- perceiving the aura, becoming invisible, manifesting one’s desire of the heart, etc.  But in my recent blogs, I have decided to carefully examine bare dogmas themselves, which, in fact, is at the heart of most cults- cults which generally create a fairly unmiraculous belief system in their members, but one with the potency to drive them to compliance with their cult leadership.  The value of the doctrine might be as simple as… Continue reading


If I had a really thick skin, I never would have written the first book. I knew what I was into.

But I didn’t care. Because I knew that if I did, I would never make my points in a public forum. After all, if you read AMORC UNMASKED carefully, you will see how powerful and whole the members really feel. Many believe they are ultimately at the very core of influencing world leaders and the direction of world piece. I am just a little fly in the ointment.

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Whole countries can enslave their citizens without any type of physical restraint

Whole countries can enslave their citizens without any type of physical restraint. Look at the old Soviet Union, Nazi Germany or pre-occupied Japan. Look at what those people were willing to sacrifice and do, often without conscience, to their fellow citizens and to other countries. A cult can do no less and often operates under similar principles. 22

Leaving a cult – The Strategic Interactive Approach

Leaving a cult – The Strategic Interactive Approach
A destructive cult affects not only the person who becomes a member, but an entire family. Relationships can become strained, strained relationships can break, and members of a family can be left with feelings of anger, pain, and even hopelessness as they see their loved one losing themselves. That is why families are often in search of a way to get their loved one away from the grips of a destructive cult.

It was in the 1960s that the concept of destructive cults became popular. Then, families resorted to the techniques available… Continue reading