AMORC Unmasked

Reply to my critics and commentators

Second letter to F.B. Berlin/Germany

Hi, F. B. Thanks for your fascinating account about your adventures in AMORC. I certainly appreciate the value of your testimony- as a member actually knowing and participating with people directly in AMORC activities.
Whereas I am not so sure that most everyone I met in AMORC is “nice” and “sincere,” I do think there are a generous proportion of people in AMORC with demeanor, including some truly sincere people who have come to AMORC for the right reasons. In terms of your analysis of the different types of members, I have also noticed that there are “social climbers” in… Continue reading

My reply to F.B. Berlin/Germany


Dear Mr. Freeman, Thanks for your work on AMORC. I agree with nearly everything from your conclusions. I had the fortune to realize pretty soon (after a year or so) that the whole thing is a fake: there are so many things, which you can realize as a lie if you research the claims of AMORC (lineage, archives that are obvious not real etc. etc.). And if I cannot trust someone in the things I can check, how can I trust them with the spiritual things, which are not so easy to research? But there is one… Continue reading

Last Response to Bruno

I guess my ears are still ringing after reading again the comments on my book, the Prisoner of San Jose by A. Bruno ‘Italiano,’ in U. K. Amazon. At the end of his critique, he says:

I am deeply sorry for this man but I think it’s really horrible what he has done. If he did not agree on the principles of AMORC, he should have just left and not waiting for 25 years. Exercises and techniques described here as methods for indoctrinations and hypnosis. Mr Freeman if you look at all the new age and Eastern religions, you would… Continue reading

“This is Not Church of Moon Where Members Are Slaves”

I am again happy to comment on the criticisms of A. Bruno ‘Italiano,’ in U. K. Amazon. Supposedly based in London, “Bruno” laments my suggestion that somehow I was compelled to overwork, saying “This is not Church of Moon where members are slaves.”

I would like to remind Bruno that the whole point of Mind Control is to remove its subjects from the opportunity of having any choice by hypnotically conditioning them to a certain point of view- usually based on compliance with authority. In order to act freely, you must be able to think freely- and by the time… Continue reading

Bruno in U.K. Amazon Cities Core Complaints

Considering the quality of my critics’ comments, I was not surprised to get a rather nice string of criticisms from a reader named A. Bruno ‘Italiano,’ supposedly based in London. “Bruno” says that “having read a book of Steve Hassan (an expert on cults),” I got an enlightenment and finally understood that I was indoctrinated and brainwashed by AMORC.” Not totally true- there wasn’t just one book on indoctrination and the process certainly was not ‘sudden’ enlightenment but was based on a process of a close study of cult behavior, brainwashing and Mind control techniques, the protocols of AMORC’s and… Continue reading

A Generational AMORC Member on the Attack

One commentator revealed his parents were Rosicrucians in the 1960’s and had worked for many years in the Lodge in San Jose. He also was a member and went up to the 8th Degree before he quit. This critic said I was “an out and out idiot.” And this is what he said about my daring to say that there was a Mind Control platform in AMORC-

Mind control?!?!? Pffft. Give. Me. A. Break. There is absolutely nothing cult-like about AMORC WHAT-SO-EVER. Want to quit? Simple: stop paying your dues. They won’t even bother you with a follow up letter.… Continue reading

A Caring Whistleblower

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2009 AT 08:32AM

When organizations or leaders have cast a spell over people, either directly or indirectly, through Mind Control or dedicated and pervasive methods of advertising, persuasive writing or propaganda, it is hard to overcome objections through reason. This is why we still have a tobacco industry, why we go to war over weapons of mass destruction when there are none, why we overlook the drug and personal problems of some of our national heroes, allowing the press to blot out important national news stories. That is why we have dictatorships in this world. Many people… Continue reading

Whistleblowers Need a Thick Skin

If I had a really thick skin, I never would have written the first book. I knew what I was into.

But I didn’t care. Because I knew that if I did, I would never make my points in a public forum. After all, if you read AMORC UNMASKED carefully, you will see how powerful and whole the members really feel. Many believe they are ultimately at the very core of influencing world leaders and the direction of world piece. I am just a little fly in the ointment.

In looking at the criticisms in Amazon, it was quite interesting… Continue reading

My Answer to Yususuff

Yususuff R. Olaniyi responded to my blog, “Good Food for the Lower Mind,” in which I spoke cynically of the Initiatic Degrees in AMORC, said, “Ok Mr. Freeman, I am actually someone looking for true spirituality and I am sure there are true Rosicrucian groups around. Could you recommend any please?”

I understand Yususuff’s passionate desire for the truth, but I don’t know if the answer is to look for a specific group of any kind, much less a Rosicrucian group. In my book, AMORC Unmasked, over and over again, I point out how the apex, the point, the objective… Continue reading