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Freeman Offers Laughter as Anecdote to Cult Mind Control

“Now my concern is not whether or not I can help liberate my readers from cults, but whether I will kill them with laughter…” Pierre S. Freeman

Mind Slaves of the Rosikrucian Collectorum Offers New Twist to Exit Counseling

Pierre S. Freeman, the noted occult whistleblower and author of two books exposing the controversial teachings of AMORC, The Prisoner of San Jose and AMORC Unmasked, now happily explores a new tool in the arsenal of defense against cult brainwashing- laughter, the deployment of which abounds in his new short work of fiction, “Mind Slaves of the Rosikrucian Collectorum,” Part… Continue reading

AMORC Whistleblower Offers Olive Leaf to Rosicrucian Imperator

In a second open letter to AMORC’S imperial leader, author Pierre S. Freeman writes, “Christian Bernard, I am willing to delay the publication of my next book for five years- the one scheduled for release in 2015, an even more devastating critique than those in The Prisoner of San Jose and AMORC Unmasked- if you do one simple thing…”

Freeman Offers Suspending Next Book for Five Years in Exchange for Distribution Deal

As one of the most vociferous critics of AMORC (Ancient Mystical Order Of Rosæ Crucis), an international self-proclaimed occult organization, Pierre S. Freeman, was recently startled when he… Continue reading

Freeman Challenges AMORC Imperator In Open Letter

Author Asks Christian Bernard to Explain Troubling Rosicrucian Practices

Troubled by his 24-year ordeal with the Ancient and Mystic Order of Rosae Crucis (AMORC), author Pierre S. Freeman has posted an Open Letter to Christian Bernard, leader of the century-old Rosicrucian fraternal organization. It asks fundamental questions about the reality, soundness and legality of AMORC’S claims and activities.

Many of the readers of my blog and my books, The Prisoner of San Jose and AMORC Unmasked are very surprised to realize how closely the so-called spiritual techniques of AMORC seem to resemble those used by Mind Control practitioners. They, like… Continue reading

Pierre S. Freeman Adds Book AMORC Unmasked

Pierre S. Freeman Adds Book AMORC Unmasked! To his Arsenal of Whistleblower Weapons Aimed at Rosicrucian Order

Summary: Freeman Confronts Critics with Incredulous Claims and Practices of Mind Control Cult

Inspired by numerous responses to his first book, The Prisoner of San Jose, Pierre S. Freeman releases second book, AMORC Unmasked! This book goes into greater depth, exposing the hidden mind control practices of the Ancient and Mystic Order of Rosae Crucis, commonly called AMORC, but also defending the possibility for a true spiritual path based on genuine mystical principles. He shows the risks that serious, active members take in… Continue reading

Angry Whistleblower Targets Cult in AMORC Unmasked

Author Pierre S. Freeman Reveals Secrets of Rosicrucian Mind Control Program

Having recently released his first book, The Prisoner of San Jose, which described his agonizing Mind Control journey through the labyrinth of so-called the Ancient and Mystic Order of Rosae Crucis (AMORC), Pierre S. Freeman now presents a comprehensive expose of AMORC’s dangerous brainwashing protocol in AMORC Unmasked, published by the Arizona-based publishing company, Wheatmark, Inc.

“It is hard for people to understand the depths of my anger,” says author, Pierre S. Freeman, “I literally lost my soul for over twenty years. Although my last book talked a great… Continue reading

AMORC Unmasked

AMORC Unmasked Reveals Mind Control Techniques and Secret Doctrines of Home Religious Study Cult

How AMORC Creates Hypnotic Platform for Hallucination and Self-Deception

Pierre S. Freeman, a determined expatriate and whistleblower of the Ancient and Mystic Order of Rosae Crucis, or AMORC, reveals his firsthand knowledge of the disturbing mind control protocol of the so-called Rosicrucian Order in a new book, titled AMORC Unmasked. For the first time, Freeman unfolds the incredible details and methodology of the step-by-step hypnotic program of the secret order known for its flamboyant mystical recruiting style and its colorful, Egyptian-styled headquarters in San Jose, California.… Continue reading

New Book Reveals Mind Control Techniques Used by AMORC

“The Prisoner of San Jose” Unveils Clever use of Hypnotic Induction in Daily Practices

Have you ever wondered how cult organizations like those of the Branch Davidians or Manson gained control over their members? What techniques could so quickly capture the hearts and souls of ordinary people, converting them into zombie-like followers of some strange belief system? According to Pierre S. Freeman FRC , L:.L:.L:., author of “The Prisoner of San Jose,” these cults use the same mind control techniques that destroyed his life for twenty-four years.

“If I hadn’t almost accidentally discovered information about mind control techniques, I would… Continue reading

Freeman Claims 24 Years of Remote Captivity by AMORC

New Book Reveals Secret Indoctrination Techniques of Rosicrucian Order

Pierre S. Freeman’s new book, “The Prisoner of San Jose,” exposes the invasive psychological methods of a secretive Rosicrucian cult based in Canada but with its American headquarters in San Jose, California. Not only does this book expose the shadowy world of the Rosicrucian order- with its secret vows, invisible Masters and omnipotent authority, but also it sheds light on a technique of mind control Freeman calls “Remote Indoctrination.”

The amazing story of Pierre S. Freeman’s enslavement by a mind control cult begins in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, where Freeman was pursuing an… Continue reading