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Recovering from Cults and Abusive Relationships-by Pierre S. Freeman

Recovering from Cults and Abusive Relationships-

A powerful book on recovery as discussed
by Occult Whistleblower, Pierre S. Freeman


            Association is defined by Lalich and Tobias as “an abnormal state set apart from ordinary consciousness wherein the normal connections of memory, knowledge and emotion are severed.” Disassociation can be engendered covertly, as some may remember from my discussion of the famous psychiatrist, Milton H. Erickson, who was known to create mild hypnotic disassociation with his handshake technique where he would confuse the… Continue reading

Initiate Section Degre 3, Monography 9– ONLY A TRANSITION

Death is a complex matter nowadays, despite what AMORC claims. So claiming the last breath scenario for death should control the first breath scenario for birth does not really prove anything?


Initiate Section Degre 3, Monography 9– ONLY A TRANSITION 

We return to the idea of the first breath in, Degree 3, No. 9 of the Initiate Section, which is fixated on the idea of death. AMORC says in a section labeled
“The Last Breath”-

You now know that at the moment the fetus inhales for the first time, these three energies (AMORC here references Spirit, Vital Life… Continue reading



In my last blog, we discussed how in an Introduction to Degree 4, the Imperator (which means Emperor) of AMORC warns against the karmic repercussions of reproducing the content of the Monographs.

For those of you who don’t know, U.S. copyright is not totally exclusive- and I have tried to be well within any possible understanding of my rights to use this material. Why? Because of the “fair use” doctrine.

In Section 107, titled, Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use U.S. Copyright law, there is a provision which limits the exclusive rights granted a… Continue reading

Master Monograph, Fourth Degree No. 3- THE SIXTH LAW MORE CLOSELY EXAMINED

Master Monograph, Fourth Degree No. 3-  THE SIXTH LAW MORE CLOSELY EXAMINED   

We continue to look at the Sixth Law of Nodin, as enunciated in Degree 4 of the Initiate Section, Monograph No. 3, which states:

The Sun is the source from which emanates the positive polarity of Nous; the Earth is that from which is propagated its negative polarity.

The positive polarity of Nous is Vital Life Force. The negative polarity is Spirit. We went on to see how the Earth is thick with spirit energy and radiates this energy out to space.

But is this… Continue reading



If one person captures my message and avoids just one major pitfall on the spiritual path, then perhaps my efforts will be justified. If one person regains their foothold in their own, personal reality, gaining back their soundness of mind and their ability to analyze the events around them, then I have achieved something really great despite all the pain I have been through.

Whistleblowers like me cannot help but identify with Robin Williams’ character in the movie, What Dreams May Come, who seeks to challenge the traditional interpretation of reality and rescues his wife… Continue reading



We have now discussed a concept of the possibilities for the human body as shared by twentieth century immortalists called Rebirthers and Roman Catholic Church.

In Monograph No. 10, Degree 8 in the Initiate Section, after briefly discussing the legend of the Fountain of Youth, AMORC goes onto to disparage the idea that this concept is a correct representation of the true Mystic Path. It says in respect of the notion that mystics “wanted to live forever in the same physical body”-

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth, for these initiates had attained considerable… Continue reading

Back cover text-  “Daring To Speak Of Darkness” by Pierre S. Freeman

“Daring To Speak Of Darkness”  by Pierre S. Freeman

There is no greater joy for a former cult member than to be able to look in the mirror and see clear, bright, unprogrammed eyes looking back. The exhilaration can best be described by the famous quote from the great Martin Luther King Jr.: “Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last!”

Daring to Speak of Darkness is a review of anticult literature by cult whistleblower Pierre S. Freeman. Freeman was trapped in the religious cult, AMORC, for twenty-six years. As a poor immigrant… Continue reading

AMORC-Master Monograph, Degree 3, No. 3 in the Initiate Section-FAITH AND KNOWING

Master Monograph, Degree 3, No. 3 in the Initiate Section


 It is one thing to say you are a person of faith and believe that your faith will unlock the door to an absolute knowledge of God and His purposes. It is another to say that everything you believe is founded on verifiable logic and experience and say that the only faith you countenance is a kind of scientific faith in the possibility of confirming an hypothesis through reason.

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AMORC-FREE-Monographs-Questions for Jounalists to ask Imperator Christian Bernard – Q6


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Questions for Jounalists to ask Imperator Christian Bernard – Q6



Is not the fundamental object of every cult to create out of its members a new personality, called in Mind Control literature a “cult personality?” This new personality is the result of members “buying in” to certain claims made by the Cult leadership which makes them highly programmable, compliant with the wishes of the Cult’s leaders and capable of acting fanatically in the interests of the… Continue reading