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AMORC Ritual of Initiation



The High Priestess then tells the Neophytes that they must drop their hands and face the East. [In the sacred instructions for this ritual, it alerts the Conductor that, if any of the candidates (or all of them) don’t know how to face East, he will show them. For instance, he might look at them sternly and point, “This is the East. Face there!”]

The Master, probably making sure that all the Neophytes have head the final instructions, tells them that they have concluded Part One of the First Degree Initiation of the Temple of the… Continue reading

Ritual – Set up for Mind Control-First Temple Degree Intitiation Part I- with Commentaryy by Pierre S. Freeman

I Am Light! I Am Life! I Am Love! I am at all times the Guardian of your Soul

I Am Light! I Am Life! I Am Love! I am at all times the Guardian of your Soul

Covert mind control is not just a slap-dash process.  A person doesn’t  just read a book or say a prayer or chant something and suddenly slip into an enhanced state of suggestibility that eventually completely changes his personality and make him a compliant slave of his cult superiors. No, mind control with this aim is a rather complex process- but the use of ritual can be a very critical component in the process of conversion of a normal person… Continue reading

AMORC Initiation – Temple Degree 3 Part IV – Good Food for the Lower Mind

We have focused on initiation as a portal to another level of illusionary reality, but in a sense- let’s face it, so are at least 75% of the AMORC experiments. The difference, though, between an exercise in visualization or telepathy and initiation- is that the idea of initiation involves advancement and prestige. Whereas it might be difficult to imagine or measure the degree of advancement of a pupil in regards to his telepathic abilities, initiation spells out where he or she is in the world of the Rosy Cross- immediately.

And- putting aside the disclaimer that the more advanced an… Continue reading

AMORC Initiation – Temple Degree 3 Part III – Blurring of Reality

In reviewing Initiation 3, I commented on how, at a certain point after the ritual has advanced to a certain point, the candidate is told to imagine how the initiations took place thousands of years ago. By doing this, the monograph says,

-you will attune with the Akashic Records and, on the screen of your consciousness, you will see particular scenes rising from a distant past..

In AMORC UNMASKED, I make this critical point:

The question for someone undergoing very extensive work in imaging while involved with an occult organization is whether they are preparing themselves for higher reality, presumably… Continue reading

AMORC Initiation – Temple Degree 3 Part II – Portal to Madness

In my last blog, we discussed the set-up for the Initiation I carried out in my home sanctum for Temple Degree 3.

After meticulously creating conditions for a very powerful hypnotic platform, as described in both the Prisoner of San Jose and AMORC UNMASKED, the candidate is then told:

To perpetuate this rite, I asked that you remain seated, relax as much as possible, and try to imagine what could compose this phenomena, which the candidates of the initiation could not understand. If you can make yourself receptive enough, you will attune with the Akashic Records and, on the screen… Continue reading

AMORC Initiation – Temple Degree 3 – Portal to Madness Part 1


There is probably nothing more external than a ritual. Although it may embody some kind of symbolic reality, although it may suggest awakening, the ritual itself is an ever-repeated set of movements, chanting, invocations, perhaps singing in an atmosphere dressed with special costumes, candles, incense, often veiled in deep mystery and a sense of sacred history.

In AMORC, if you were not near a Lodge, all you needed was your home sanctum, replete with candles, incense and a mirror and your sacred monograph. I remember drinking my glass of water, washing my hands and setting… Continue reading