AMORC Unmasked

Bruno in U.K. Amazon Cities Core Complaints

Considering the quality of my critics’ comments, I was not surprised to get a rather nice string of criticisms from a reader named A. Bruno ‘Italiano,’ supposedly based in London. “Bruno” says that “having read a book of Steve Hassan (an expert on cults),” I got an enlightenment and finally understood that I was indoctrinated and brainwashed by AMORC.” Not totally true- there wasn’t just one book on indoctrination and the process certainly was not ‘sudden’ enlightenment but was based on a process of a close study of cult behavior, brainwashing and Mind control techniques, the protocols of AMORC’s and my own personal problems and symptoms, which like other mind control victims, resembled post-traumatic stress disorder. Then, having recited how I would spend the night reading and doing experiments- and getting little sleep- he then asks- how could I blame AMORC for my problems? Nobody forced me.

True. I wasn’t forced. But I was told that doing these experiments and reading these monographs was the only sure way I would succeed in obtaining the promises of the Order. If one takes a careful look at the monographs like I have, you would see that the injunction to repeat exercises and reading of monographs is a continual component in the sequence of lessons. Especially if you don’t succeed. I think anyone who would be a true follower of AMORC, whatever the circumstances would, like myself, make AMORC the center of his or her existence. The prize is too high. Too bad, when you do, the gold ring turns out to be brass.

One of the reasons that I wrote AMORC Unmasked was to go into much more detail about the effect of the monographic sequence. And, like many religious cults, overworking the members and subjecting them to extreme fatigue is part of the indoctrination process.

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