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Back cover text-  “Daring To Speak Of Darkness” by Pierre S. Freeman

“Daring To Speak Of Darkness”  by Pierre S. Freeman

There is no greater joy for a former cult member than to be able to look in the mirror and see clear, bright, unprogrammed eyes looking back. The exhilaration can best be described by the famous quote from the great Martin Luther King Jr.: “Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last!”

Daring to Speak of Darkness is a review of anticult literature by cult whistleblower Pierre S. Freeman. Freeman was trapped in the religious cult, AMORC, for twenty-six years. As a poor immigrant with most of his family still living in Haiti, Freeman could not afford professional counseling and was alone in his battle to break free from AMORC.

Desperately torn when he discovered the French government had labeled AMORC a cult, Freeman began searching the Internet for help. He found a group of authors who had written lucid, clear anticult literature. By reading their works, Freeman was able to slowly and painfully piece together the main cause of his lack of clarity: for decades he had been subject to covert mind control.

Daring to Speak of Darkness pays homage to Margaret Thaler Singer and Stephen Hassan, as well as other writers like Janja Lalich, Robert Jay Lifton, and Madeline Tobias. It reviews some of the world’s best anticult literature and applies their insights to AMORC. The book also highlights principles of indoctrination that cults of all kinds use. The authors of these anticult books risked much to take on powerful organizations and stop the tyranny of cult activities, including harassment, verbal and potential physical abuse, and even their own lives. They are truly those who dared to speak of darkness.

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