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Analyzing the Master Monographs- Section NEOPHYTE-Degree 1, Monograph 10 – Part 2-by Pierre S. Freeman

Analyzing the Master Monographs- Section NEOPHYTE-Degree 1, Monograph 10 – Part 2-by Pierre S. Freeman

“You will find, as you proceed in your work, that thought vibrations are difficult to control without considerable practice…it requires time, practice, and development; and so it is that our work is planned to develop you slowly and surely”

Rosicrucian Order

Once new members have gotten past the initial recruitment stage, after they have been sold on the emotional and spiritual benefits of their chosen belief system, that is when the process of indoctrination really begins. While the first phase is similar to any honeymoon period in a new relationship, with careful attention, and extravagant promises made, what comes afterwards is more akin to the behavior we’ve come to associate with the cult.

Throughout the Rosicrucian monographs which you can read in their entirety on, you will find several detailed descriptions of different meditative techniques. At this early stage the main focus of these techniques is to achieve a mastery of the thoughts, and a perception of the “thought vibrations of others”. As students advance through the different degrees, the power attributed to these meditations will become ever greater.

But from a rational perspective, what is the point of all this intense reflection and isolation? Disassociation is the answer, to overwhelm the body’s senses and disconnect the mind from physical perception. Disassociation is a well known technique used in extremer interrogative practices, by exposing suspects to severe sleep, and food deprivation, constant repetitive noise, flashing lights and recurring symbols. Interrogators create a state of extreme suggestibility in the suspect. One they can take advantage of to aid their questioning.

“You will make many tests to show that the minds and intelligence of departed soul-personalities can communicate with the minds and soul-personalities here on Earth”


In the case of cults such as  AMORC (ROSICRUCIAN ORDER AMORC), these states are perfect for creating euphoria, hallucinations and even complete psychotic breakdowns. For the indoctrinated cult member, these experiences are not a symptom of physical duress and emotional distress; they are a sign that the cult’s powers are taking hold.

“Dr. H. Spencer Lewis first imperator for the present active cycle of this jurisdiction…showed how concentrating upon a candle causes it to become warm to touch”


Throughout the monographs which you can read on, you will find many other references to the supposed supernatural abilities of these high level members of the Rosae Crucis. In the monographs these powers are listed in a matter-of-fact manner, as if the reader himself were present to verify the version of event put forth in the publication.

As it so happens, by this point the reader is ready, and willing to accept the authority of  AMORC (ROSICRUCIAN ORDER AMORC), already “magical thinking” has taken hold in the mind of the recruit. In his book “Paranormality: Why We See What Isn’t There” experimental psychologist Richard Wiseman established four factors of cultish behaviors. While  AMORC (ROSICRUCIAN ORDER AMORC)’s practices closely follow all four characteristics described by Wiseman, it is magical thinking, which is the third four attributes detailed, which is particularly relevant here.

Cults use knowledge of well-known physiological reactions to prove their otherworldly promises to members.  For example, a monograph may impel a user to concentrate inwardly on a certain idea or sensation, and then proclaim the fact that the reader then feels that feeling, or experiences that sensation, as proof of the power of its teachings. Because the practitioner is no longer rationally linking cause to effect, they will accept this explanation with minimum further persuasion.

As the reader advances the cause and effect becomes increasingly distanced, the cult no longer has to use parlor tricks to back up its claims, it now speaks from a position of authority, and the cult member is more than willing to follow along.

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