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Analyzing the Master Monographs-Section ILLUMINATI-Degree 12, Monograph 72 – Part 2-By Pierre S. Freeman

Analyzing the Master Monographs-Section ILLUMINATI-Degree 12, Monograph 72 – Part 2-By Pierre S. Freeman

“When I have discussed this matter with authorities they have frankly admitted that there are only two methods whereby such a complete house cleaning can be brought about. One is through the creation of a perfect spiritual understanding: the other is through a complete mystical understanding of the cosmic principles of life.”


What makes cults and indeed any religion alluring is the fact they offer concrete answers to some basic human concerns. Loneliness, anxiety, stress, depression and heartbreak; where traditional science and medicine offers theories, facts and figures, cult doctrine and religious texts promise salvation.

In the case of most the world’s major religions, this salvation can be found through supplication to a higher power. A sublimation of the ego, in service of a greater morality imposed by God, the closer one follows these edicts, the closer one becomes to God, and thus to the answerer of all things.  AMORC borrows cannily from these ideas, allying itself with the traditions of Christ and other religious figures.

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I have discussed this with Christian clergymen and others

However, AMORC differentiates itself from these “contradictory”, “difficult to understand” religions by claiming that the answers need not be found in the afterlife. No indeed, the ultimate cosmic truth that the spiritual seeker is looking for can be found right here, through the monographs.

At many points in this text, the full content of which you can read at, the Class Master makes reference to unseen authorities who fully support AMORC’s findings and conclusions. Thus, not only do the Rosae Crucis assume the reputation and credibility of these authorities, they surpass them.

“Once we come to understand that the Cosmic does not contain hatred, enmity, jealousy, or other destructive emotions, we realize that enmity or hatred puts us out of harmony with the universe, and particularly out of harmony with the Cosmic Consciousness”


Does  AMORC (ROSICRUCIAN ORDER -AMORC) enrich the lives of its followers in any way? After all there must be some reason that intelligent, well-meaning adults are drawn to them. As a young, hard-working engineering student I certainly would not have numbered myself amongst the ranks of the dull and moronic. So why do we join cults?

Cults offer us a version of the Universe they want to see. They exist to reflect our deepest held desires and needs. Ultimately, the process of brainwashing and indoctrination is a process of seduction.

It starts off with the promise of a great future, in this case  AMORC (ROSICRUCIAN ORDER AMORC) offers followers solace from emotional turmoil and indecision. To live in a state of perpetual cosmic bliss “free from emotional errors and from that state called inharmony”, is truly a beautiful dream.

Of course as you go deeper down the rabbit hole, it becomes clear that achieving that state of bliss and inharmony requires constant, strict adherence. The promise of power, peace and fulfillment becomes both the carrot and the stick, as  AMORC (ROSICRUCIAN ORDER AMORC) taunts you with the prospect of missing out on these rewards if you stray from the path.

Then as he begins to cut it, the changes are not so apparent even though harder work and more hours are spent in making the improvement.”


Metaphors and analogies are tools commonly applied by religious texts. From the parables in the Book of Matthew, to the koans of Zen Buddhism, stories and riddles are used by these texts to provide humans with a personal understanding of difficult moral and philosophical conundrums.  Often these stories underscore a previous stated religious principle. See for example, how Jonah’s abandonment of his mission to God was met by harsh punishment, and how that idea linked to the principle of obedience to God’s commandments.

In the monographs of the Rosae Crucis  (Rosicrucian Order -AMORC) the parable will often precede the principle, if indeed the principle is ever clearly stated. Deliberate confusion and obfuscation is a powerful tool for any cult, the less followers truly know, the less they can question.

Here, the Class Master creates such an analogy to explain the indefinable sense of frustration an individual feels as they progress deeper into the doctrine. After all, even an individual with weak faculties of deduction can perceive that these promises of untold cosmic power and personal fulfillment have yet to manifest. So how can that disconnect between reality and doctrine be managed? Blame the student.

While  AMORC (ROSICRUCIAN ORDER AMORC) will never own up to its failure to deliver upon its promises, it can certainly pre-empt your complaints. By framing your lack of progress as a personal shortcoming rather than a limitation in the monographs,  AMORC (ROSICRUCIAN ORDER AMORC) encourages you to look ever deeper inwards, in the search for personal flaws.

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