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Analyzing the Master Monographs-Section ILLUMINATI- Degree 12, Monograph 72 – Part 1- By Pierre S. Freeman

Analyzing the Master Monographs-Section ILLUMINATI- Degree 12, Monograph 72 – Part 1- By Pierre S. Freeman

“That a harmonious condition can be re-established within the body through a mystical and a spiritual understanding of life is now freely admitted by eminent psychologists”


We begin the analysis of this monograph by asking a simple question, what is a reasonable belief? Well on the surface, a reasonable belief arises from some manner of justification. When questioned, the defender of a reasonable belief will have some reasoning for holding their values to be true. Cults such as AMORC are skilled in presenting their beliefs as eminently believable and logical to the novice observer. They simply take their theories and mold them to fit existing evidence.

In the case of this “Considered Opinion”, AMORC borrows some credibility and authority from noted philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer John Dewey. Here Dewey states his learned opinion on the value of religion,

“The religious experience is a reality insofar as, in the midst of effort to foresee and regulate future objects, we are sustained and expanded in feebleness and failure by the sense of an enveloping whole. Peace in action not after it is the contribution of the ideal to conduct.”

It a reasoned, non-controversial statement that could be understood and accepted even by the uninitiated, here swallowing this truth gives the class Master a foundation to foster suggestibility and control.

 The more cultured and sensitive the nature, the more likely is the woman to become affected by some jealous impression, and the more she will keep this emotion secret and burn inwardly rather than let anyone know about it.”


The class master’s introduction in this monograph starts by establishing a personal link between the reader, and the writer. The monograph cleverly throws out a variety of Barnum statements geared towards each possible reader, in an effort to gain intimacy and empathy in the mind of the student.

Barnum statements are a technique used as a part of cold reading; those familiar with the methods by so-called psychics and fortune tellers will be well familiar with how a normal routine goes. Essentially the mystic will make a series of vague statements that align with the beliefs and wishes of large groups of people. While the idea behind the statements will be broad, the trained cold reader will be able to use their perceived authority and psychological insight to frame them in a manner that makes them seem wholly personal.

Even if the statement has no bearing on your reality, it will still be broad enough for you to pick and choose the parts that fit your personal life. For those who are already indoctrinated, such statements will ring true as keenly observed and wise.

In this part of the monograph, the class master uses a series of unnamed authorities to elucidate upon the emotional disturbances experienced by women, and men.

“Men are more likely to express enmities of a personal nature than are women and therefore become grouchy on subjects related to the emotional attitude.”

The monograph is littered with similar statements; you can read throughout the text at

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