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Analyzing the Master Monographs: Degree 11, Monograph 3 – Part 2- By Pierre S. Freeman

Every advanced student of the higher principles of life sooner or later desires a secluded place where he or she may enjoy the same strict privacy that the old monks and mystic s enjoyed in the Oriental lands.


Before the advent of mass media in China, religious rituals were the main tools used to spread state propaganda amongst the working classes. Many of these practices were rooted in a system of rigid beliefs which grew from Confucian principles and thought.  What started as a means for philosophical dialogue became state doctrine, rooted in a rigid hierarchy.

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This is reflected in the principles of AMORC, whose monographs often harken back to the monks and scholars of ancient China. The hierarchical principles which underpin the Rosicrucian Order, separate between those that have attained higher levels of personal awareness and insight; and those still mired in mundane, everyday thought processes. Here, the monograph offers you a key to achieving this enlightenment.

One hour a day of such separation is highly beneficial


At various points in the monograph, the full text of which you can read at , the reader is asked to repeat the exercises mentioned within regularly.

“I want you to think of it not only during the daytime, but also each night when you retire”.

The exact repetition of these excessively detailed visual drills is designed to increase the suggestibility of the reader, softening them up to more extreme devotions.

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Repetition and routine also play a central role in many spiritual practices across the world, from the 5 times daily prayers of Islam, to the steady regularity of Benedictine prayer. In fact, the word routine derives from “a route or course of travel for trading“, at the time this translated to the path taken for holy pilgrimage. In conventional religion, routine brings us closer to God, by allowing us to see his presence in the every day. In the AMORC doctrine, we are compelled to see the presence of the Rosicrucian Order.

Later on, the manuscript goes on to make this connection explicit, saying;

“To the degree that man abandoned the home sanctum anc. its accompanying daily religious practices, he became less and less attuned with the Cosmic.”

Instead of the distant church or synagogue, AMORC seeks to make your home the ultimate place of spiritual practice, one dedicated to their order.


The ancient mystics claimed that when they entered into this little room of their own and closed the door they shut out the material world and separated themselves from it. The only way anyone could enter that room was through cosmic vibrations


This is the power AMORC promises to afford to its followers; the ability to project their consciousness outside of their body. The power to communicate telepathically with a brotherhood and sisterhood of the wise and learned, and seclude even the most “advanced mystic” from observing their inner thoughts.

Promising rewards are one of the main conversion tools of the cult of AMORC, and it works. Go to any supermarket or major brand store and you’ll be asked to buy into their membership scheme, in return you get a rewards card. This card entitles the loyal customer to discounts, special offers and other perks denied to those outside of the “corporate cult”,  how many of us can say we haven’t bought in? When people are willing to stampede en masse for the promise of cheap televisions, just imagine what the already indoctrinated will do, for the promise of cosmic power.

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