AMORC Unmasked

AMORC Unmasked



People who have lived outside of a mind control environment and don’t understand the dynamics of indoctrination, will find many of the claims of simply incredulous. In AMORC UNMASKED, Freeman carefully documents how the first Rosicrucian exercises in cultivating the perception of the aura and testing one’s intuition when a stranger calls on the phone will lead to fantastic journeys backwards in time to unravel the mysteries of creation and the unfoldment of ancient civilizations. And, no, it doesn’t stop there. In the latter degrees, members learn to assume a cloak of invisibility, when needed, and empowering one to assume the thoughts and consciousness of prospective employers, business associates and even world leaders to help the planet – as well as oneself – along the path to peace, and prosperity.Having written the ground-breaking book, The Prisoner of San Jose, which graphically described his twenty-four years of enslavement by the Ancient and Mystic Order of Rosae Crucis or AMORC, Pierre S. Freeman now focuses in on the mechanics of the mind control process. In AMORC UNMASKED he reveals, for the first time, intimate details about the cult’s theology, protocol and techniques for occult advancement.

But AMORC UNMASKED doesn’t take a purely negative path. Based on his research and own spiritual growth following his exit from the Rosicrucian system, Freeman believes that the AMORC’s ideas may be derived, although in a materialistic and self-serving way, from ancient mystical systems which may, indeed, have grounding in a higher reality. In addressing various sections of the vast Rosicrucian system, Freeman believes he has found the lineaments of important truths embedded in the divine matrix itself. In summary, Freeman believes that Ancient and Mystic Order of Rosae Crucis is a fraternal society clothing itself in the Paradigm of the Spiritual Seeker but in the end is, in truth, more accurately garbed in the Paradigm of the Magician, an organization essentially catering to the deviant lust of men for power of the universe and each other.

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… Passages in which Pierre S. Freeman, explains his goals in exposing the intimate secrets of AMORC’s Mind Control Platform, which are developed in the lessons called monographs, which are sent out each week to their members..

But after considerable time delving into the literature, I began to realize that AMORC worked similarly to other Mind Control cults- with one single exception. Members were generally recruited through advertisements, not people. And they were indoctrinated principally through the monographs utilizing a combination of highly authoritarian doctrines coupled with a progressive program of hypnotic indoctrination and mind control.

And the very core of their program was based on the exercises in the monographs.




By examining these monographs, in conjunction with looking at Mind Control literature, but also other types of spiritual literature, I came to the conclusion that I could deprogram myself, to a large extent, but also that the monographs offered a distorted view of the world, but perhaps one that had a grain of spiritual truth.

I sought to deprogram myself but I also sought to look for answers.

I now would like to share with you my insights by directly commenting on the exercises in the Rosicrucian monographs, as well as going over some of their claims about history; the Spiritual path; sound, color, biological and occult correspondences, etc. In commenting on these exercises, I wish to accomplish several goals.

The first goal is to show exactly why these exercises, in context, are part of a Mind Control system- and do not truly empower a Rosicrucian member. …

How do we define a Mind Control cult? I like Michael Langdon’s definition, as it embodies a great many core characteristics of a cult. It is a good general definition.

A cult is a group or movement that, to a significant degree, (a) exhibits great or excessive devotion or dedication to some person, idea, or thing, (b) uses a thought-reform program to persuade, control, and socialize members (i.e., to integrate them into the group’s unique pattern of relationships, beliefs, values, and practices), (c) systematically induces states of psychological dependency, (d) exploits members to advance the leaderships goals, (e) causes psychological harm to members, their families, and the community.1

My second goal is to call into question the practicality and even reality of these exercises by showing:

  1. Their validity cannot be verified by the member.
  2. Their historical usage by the Rosicrucians over millennia cannot be proven.
  3. Exercises like them can be easily found in different traditions, suggesting something different than their purported historical origin.
  4. The correspondences between colors, sounds, psychic centers, nerve ganglion, endocrine glands is not necessarily true nor consistent with other traditions.

In a quasi-religious cult like AMORC, it is necessary to look carefully at the effect of their use of techniques based on the theory they propound about the human spirit and how these exercises dovetail with their social methodology to isolate them from the everyday world and its ways of looking at things. As Lalich and Tobias point out*:

Cults may use the following methods to advance their thought-reform programs:

  • Induced dissociation and other altered states (speaking in tongues, chanting, trance induction via repeated affirmations, extended periods of meditation, lengthy denunciation sessions, public trials, “hot seat” criticisms focusing on one individual, sexual abuse, torture, etc.)
  • Control of information going in and out of the group environment
  • Isolation from family and friends
  • Control of member’s financial resources
  • Sleep and food deprivation
  • Peer and leadership pressure
  • Extensive indoctrination sessions (through Bible lessons, political training, sales training, or self-awareness lessons)
  • Rigid security regulations and daily rules

My third goal is to indicate, again, that much of this material, particularly the elements related to the Cosmic Masters and the claims about that traditions are taken from readily accessible sources, particularly theosophy.

My fourth goal, the most challenging, is to show how some of these exercises and their direction may be related to a true spiritual path- and what a true spiritual path might consist of.

In respect of the fourth goal, I am not pushing any particular teaching or system. Nor do I consider myself far along any spiritual path that would render me as a teacher of mysticism or some kind of Cosmic Master.

Rather, I look at myself as a victim, for whatever reasons, of a really subtle type of mind control, whose participation in AMORC has never really distinguished my belief and focus for the Mystical Path. So, despite my limitations, I would like to provide the Seeker with an idea of what I believe a true spiritual path might be like and how, in many senses, its goals, methodology and general intention is quite opposite the spiritual direction of AMORC.

*Lalich, Janja and Tobias, Madeleine, Take Back Your Life: Recovering from Cults and Abusive Relationhship. Berkeley: Bay Tree Publishing, 2006, p.41.



The author explains how he escaped from AMORC by studying exit psychology and then wrote about his experience in The Prisoner of San Jose. He then realized that, to complete the picture, he needs to unveil more of the doctrines and actual training protocols of the organization.



The author reviews his journey from a small child in Haiti to becoming a victim of Mind Control through the Rosicrucian Order. He begins to become aware of his self-division, although his cult personality is the driving force in his life.



The author discovers Mind Control literature, begins a path towards liberation from AMORC. After finishing his first book, he decides to continue forward with his story in a second book. In this book, he will show: 1) How the exercises are part of a mind control system. 2) How they actually work for certain non-spiritual workers and how they cannot be judged on their professed intention 3) Where some of these teachings come from and their possible derivation 4) How a true spiritual path would depart from the direction of the Rosicrucian Order.

Section 1 to Section 32 covers experiments of the Neophyte Section (AMORC very beginning studies) to the end of Neophyte Section.

This is an introduction to the Rosicrucian teachings. It begins with very light occult exercises in trying to experience people’s vibrations in a crowd, telepathically contacting a person by visualizing them, picking up vibrations from a book or magazine, learning the rudiments of a self-healing exercise. It then introduces Rosicrucian chanting, beginning with the sacred sound, “OM,” has the member distinguish between the subconscious and objective consciousness, begin gazing at candles as a concentration exercise, eventually trying to change the color of the candle’s aura. All of this, as the author shows, are really exercises in self-hypnosis: trance induction, acceptance of covert post-hypnotic suggestion and the beginnings of creating a framework for the self-induction positive and negative hallucination. The stages of hypnotic depth suggested by the Rosicrucian are compared to Aron’s Scale, a way of measuring this depth. As the exercises progress, visualization ability is developed that will be functioning later in very specific healing, out-of-body and extrasensory exercises. These exercises also include the manifestation exercises that created great confusion and despair in the mind and heart of the author as his indoctrination continued throughout these sections.

Section 33 to Section 50 starts at Temple Degree 1 and end at the end of Temple Degree 6

This next set of exercises is much more powerful and begins to co-opt every waking and sleeping moment of the members’ life. The very first exercise is one of reviewing the day’s experience in depth before going to sleep. The member learns that the very core of one’s desires and wishes are to be handled with a certain manifestation protocol. The member learns how to submit requests for short term and far memory, including reincarnation, to the subconscious mind. In focusing on reincarnation, AMORC repeats his credo of open-mindedness, saying that members can believe whatever they want, but also saying that, for centuries, AMORC always taught this doctrine. Later on, they are also “open-minded” about letting members believe what they want about the beginning of life, but also say that, for centuries, Rosicrucians have known that life begins with the first breath of the soul, the point in which the soul enters the body- paving the way for members taking a pro-choice position based on AMORC’s scenario for defining when life begins in the human experience. It then begins to discuss in depth its nerve stimulation exercises, designed to ameliorate a great many medical conditions. It reveals its unusual form of medical diagnosis and goes into great deal of detail about combining various kinds of breathing with having members lay hands upon subjects for the purpose of specific types of energy transmission based on their theory of creating a balance in the autonomic nervous system as a core aspect of healing.

Section 51 to Section 80 includes Temple Degrees 7, 8 and 9.

In these exercises, AMORC goes into considerable depth about how to heal specific ailments, the relationship between the psychic centers and the key glands of the human body. The author brings up the difficulty of confirming anything about this healing protocol and questions the practice of AMORC encouraging its use on friends and family of members. Out-of-Body projection is now explored in great detail- projecting to a place or person. AMORC continues to assure its members that such powers cannot be used in the wrong way and that the universe only supports the positive use of these powers. It now goes further into the techniques of medical diagnosis, including techniques that utilize the aura. It then goes into the Lost Word, MATHREM- and shows how its chanting protocols and their secret meanings are derived from this ancient word, with its Atlantean roots. It shows how each individual sound can be used to drive specific psychic centers, useful in healing specific ailments. It discusses reincarnation in even more detail and shows how the member can be useful in assisting others to pass through death into the spiritual planes. Again, it displays “openness” towards the victims of suicide, chastising other religions for being so hard on persons whose lives have been filled with physical or emotional pain. It counsels the member on prayer and tells specifically how to pray, the more flexible Rosicrucian way.

Section 81 to Section 123 includes Temple Degrees 10, 11, 12 and beyond the Illuminati Section.

In this section, the member starts to move out of the ordinary experience of life and into a kind of twilight zone of the hyperphenomenal. It begins with exercises in chanting, breathing and invocation for the purposes of creating a protective shield around the member- against assaults against his safety and comfort. It proceeds to the member learning how to “pick up” vibrations from historical sites, moving objects by will, using radiesthesia for locating objects and for divinatory purposes revolving around the use of a pendulum. It refines and develops the members’ telepathic skills and then begins to plunge into arcane areas like invisibility, where the member learns how to vanish in times of emergency or great need. He also learns how to create objects with his mind, take over other people’s consciousness for the sake of personal advantage or world peace, both of which are depicted as being under the umbrella of Cosmic good. Various of these exercises utilize the member’s creation of an ‘alchemical cloud’ for mental creation, invisibility and the assumption of other people’s thoughts, feelings and physical actions. If a member makes it to this level of experience, it is the author’s opinion that he has reached the very greatest depth of hypnotic induction.




The author unveils his own plan on how to escape a Mind Control organization.It involves the stealth and determination to leave the Order and the wisdom to not let personal anger and recrimination cripple you emotionally. Pierre S. Freeman, by example, has show how this can happen and why it is truly possible for the reader, if he is truly trapped in a Mind Control organization.



“The Devil, we’re told, can quote scripture, and in a world filled with false religions that imprison followers’ minds and souls, there isn’t one that doesn’t contain a grain of truth and true spiritual seeking. That is how mind-control groups that call themselves religions attract members and enslave them: through the use of techniques that work because they contain distorted traces of real knowledge, but pervert them for the sake of profit and power.

AMORC Unmasked achieves the near impossible. By describing and analyzing the inner rituals and secrets of the Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross, whose prestigious history may well be rooted in mysteries long lost and forgotten, Pierre Freeman sifts out the grains of truth while exposing the falsity of what are essentially techniques of self-hypnosis, and the culture of unfreedom that they make possible: something he understands well because he was its prisoner for almost a quarter of a century.

For seekers and prisoners alike (and aren’t we all a little of both?), this beautifully written, eminently practical, and unflinchingly honest book belongs on the short shelf of wisdom literature where true freedom through loving union with God may still be found.”

— Bill Krohn/critic (Cahiers du Cinéma), historian (Hitchcock at Work), and documentary filmmaker (It’s All True)