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AMORC-Master Monograph, Degree 3, No. 3 in the Initiate Section-FAITH AND KNOWING

Master Monograph, Degree 3, No. 3 in the Initiate Section


 It is one thing to say you are a person of faith and believe that your faith will unlock the door to an absolute knowledge of God and His purposes. It is another to say that everything you believe is founded on verifiable logic and experience and say that the only faith you countenance is a kind of scientific faith in the possibility of confirming an hypothesis through reason.

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Very few inventors and scientists would want to entirely rule out that latter kind of intuitive faith. And neither would AMORC, which is firmly planted in the pursuit of the kind of knowledge which is based on experience and logic. But when push comes to shove, this is not what AMORC is pushing. It is pushing faith, not logic.

An example of this appears in Master Monograph, Degree 3, No. 3 in the Initiate Section, where AMORC cites the famous occult writer, Papus, in its concurrence, the opening salvo to many of the monographs.

In the concurrence, Papus asserts a highly interesting idea about cosmic evolution. In the concurrence, an excerpt from the occultist’s Elementary Treatise on the Occult Sciences, Papus makes a remarkable claim about the Sun’s influence on the planets, asserting the idea of an evolutionary course far outstripping any facts known to the astronomers and other scientific minds of his day.

We will discuss the implications of this theory for the Rosicrucian form of belief in my next blog.

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