AMORC Unmasked

AMORC Initiation – Temple Degree 3 Part IV – Good Food for the Lower Mind

We have focused on initiation as a portal to another level of illusionary reality, but in a sense- let’s face it, so are at least 75% of the AMORC experiments. The difference, though, between an exercise in visualization or telepathy and initiation- is that the idea of initiation involves advancement and prestige. Whereas it might be difficult to imagine or measure the degree of advancement of a pupil in regards to his telepathic abilities, initiation spells out where he or she is in the world of the Rosy Cross- immediately.

And- putting aside the disclaimer that the more advanced an adept, the less ego he has- the higher the initiation, in fraternal orders like this, the more the ego is potentially fed. In other words, just like the imagination can create hallucinatory fantasy if unlocked with the power of suggestion through hypnosis, the ego or lower mind can create self-distorting fantasy under the power of pseudo-initiations granted by the false authority of an imagined spiritual hierarchy. Initiations are really good food for the lower mind.

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