AMORC Unmasked

AMORC Initiation – Temple Degree 3 Part III – Blurring of Reality

In reviewing Initiation 3, I commented on how, at a certain point after the ritual has advanced to a certain point, the candidate is told to imagine how the initiations took place thousands of years ago. By doing this, the monograph says,

-you will attune with the Akashic Records and, on the screen of your consciousness, you will see particular scenes rising from a distant past..

In AMORC UNMASKED, I make this critical point:

The question for someone undergoing very extensive work in imaging while involved with an occult organization is whether they are preparing themselves for higher reality, presumably the world of meditation and higher consciousness on certain levels- or the world of lower reality, the world of illusion and hallucination. Are they, perhaps, be sinisterly inducted into controlled hallucinatory experiences…?

It is quite fashionable to speak about cult personalities these days in exit psychology books, but do many of these writers understand the vast amount of concentrated effort that is made in AMORC’s Mind Control program. In my opinion, people are trained to hallucinate themselves into a very complex, but highly rewarding reality. If you fall into the same rabbit hole that I did, you begin to actually believe it.

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