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In one of my last three blogs, I have analyzed a few strange elements in Monograph No. 4 of the 4th Degree in the Initiate Section.

The first alluded to the viewpoint of John Butler Burke, who, though characterized as a mystic by AMORC, really writes like an agnostic, although perhaps preferring mysticism as a reality, perhaps because he would like his own consciousness to survive physical death. Still a mystic is a knower, not a speculative philosopher.

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The second referred to Burke’s mystical downsizing of Plato, another point that seems almost opposite to even AMORC’s point of view about reality. His comments ignore Plato’s direct mention of reincarnation and theory of the Good, directly corresponding to his over-arching mystical view of reality.

In my third point, I alluded to the strange use of a passage ripped off from Genesis 2:7 as quoted in the King James Version of the New Testament- as though this passage was somehow an original, though related, sentence to the Biblical quotation.

I have read this monograph before, probably many times. Yet, it is as though I never thought about before. Why am I, only now, picking up these minor, but difficult points- which question the mystical credentials of Burke and perhaps even the reality of the Nodin manuscript? Why did I not notice this before? Why, I practically should have memorized these Monographs!

In The Prisoner of San Jose, I concretely show how a member of AMORC is enjoined to study these  Monographs over and over again, as well as the exercises. Believe me, I was as faithful as can be about this.  I lived these monographs. It became like breathing.

Was I asleep when I read them?

As we shall discuss shortly in my next blog, my lack of attention to its actual content, was not unusual. It all boils down to what happens when human consciousness is infected by Mind Control.

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